Composite Materials: Testing and Design (Ninth Volume)

    Garbo SP
    Published: 1990

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    Focuses on significant advances in the area of damage tolerance and durability of composite structures. 27 papers are presented in sections on:

    • Structural Considerations and Analysis

    • Delamination Initiation and Growth Analysis

    • Damage Mechanisms and Test Procedures

    • Other Test and Design Subjects.

    For those involved in composite research or design of advanced composite structures.

    Table of Contents

    Garbo S.

    Towards a Damage Tolerance Philosophy for Composite Materials and Structures
    O'Brien T.

    Certification Testing Methodology for Fighter Hybrid Structure
    Dill H., Kautz E., Sanger K.

    Residual Tensile Strength of Graphite/Epoxy and Kevlar/Epoxy Laminates with Impact Damage
    Cairns D., Lagace P.

    Impact Damage and Residual Strength Analysis of Composite Panels with Bonded Stiffeners
    Madan R., Shuart M.

    Some Observations About Test Specimens and Structural Analysis for Fibrous Composites
    Hart-Smith L.

    A Rational Development of Lamina-to-Laminate Analysis Methods for Fibrous Composites
    Hart-Smith L., Peterson D.

    Failure Analysis of Bolted Joints in Composite Laminates
    Jurf R., Vinson J.

    Ply-Level Failure Analysis of a Graphite/Epoxy Laminate Under Bearing-Bypass Loading
    Crews J., Naik R.

    Mechanics of Instability-Related Delamination Growth
    Whitcomb J.

    Understanding and Predicting Sublaminate Damage Mechanisms in Composite Structures
    Armanios E., Rehfield L., Weinstein F.

    Characterization of Mode I and Mode II Delamination Growth and Thresholds in AS4/PEEK Composites
    Martin R., Murri G.

    Three-Dimensional Analysis of Combined Free-Edge and Transverse-Crack-Tip Delamination
    Fish J., Lee S.

    A Criterion for Mixed-Mode Matrix Cracking in Graphite-Epoxy Composites
    Binienda W., Reddy E., Wang A., Zhong Y.

    Fatigue Growth, Deflections, and Crack-Opening Displacements in Cracked Lap Shear Specimens
    Chinatambi N., Poursartip A.

    Delamination Fracture Between Adhesive and Adherends in Bonded Joints
    Chatterjee S., Chen Y., Dick W., Ramnath V.

    Matrix Toughness, Long-Term Behavior, and Damage Tolerance of Notched Graphite Fiber-Reinforced Composite Materials
    Bakis C., Simonds R., Stinchcomb W., Vick L.

    Influence of Load Levels on Damage Growth Mechanisms of Notched Composite Materials
    Bakis C., Razvan A., Reifsnider K.

    Investigation of Damage in Composite Laminates Using the Incremental Strain Test
    Reifsnider K., Swain R., Vittoser J.

    Damage Development and Shear Modulus Degradation in Graphite/Epoxy Laminates
    Daniel I., Lee J., Yaniv G.

    Analytical and Experimental Investigations of Composites Using Vibrothermography
    Henneke E., Lin S.

    Evaluation of the Damage Development in Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastics by Monitoring Load-Induced Temperature Changes
    Harig H., Neubert H., Schulte K.

    Loading Rate Sensitivity of Open-Hole Composite Specimens in Compression
    Elber W., Guynn E., Lubowinski S., Whitcomb J.

    Thermoviscoelastic Characterization and Prediction of Kevlar/Epoxy Composite Laminates
    Brinson H., Dillard D., Gramoll K.

    A Failure Criterion Evaluation for Composite Materials
    Cron S., Palazotto A., Sandhu R.

    Composite Shear Moduli and Strengths from Torsion of Thick Laminates
    Kurtz R., Sun C.

    A Deformation-Formulated Micromechanics Model of the Effective Young's Modulus and Strength of Laminated Composites Containing Local Ply Curvature
    Harris C., Lee J.

    Experimental Investigations and a Model Proposal on Damage Mechanisms in a Reinforced Carbon-Carbon Composite
    Kromp K., Lindner M., Rief C.

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    Subject Index

    Committee: D30

    DOI: 10.1520/STP1059-EB

    ISBN-EB: 978-0-8031-5120-8

    ISBN-13: 978-0-8031-1287-2

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