The Measurement and Correction of Electrolyte Resistance in Electrochemical Tests

    Taylor R, Scribner L
    Published: 1990

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    Reviews and critiques new and existing methods for the correction of ohmic electrolyte resistance, an error inherent in all electrochemical experiments.

    13 peer-reviewed papers are divided into sections on theory, critical comparisons of methods, mathematical approaches, and applications. Includes applications on metals in desert soils, buried pipelines, corrosion in concrete, and crevice corrosion case studies.

    Table of Contents

    Scribner L., Taylor R.

    Influence of Electrolyte Resistance on Electrochemical Measurements and Procedures to Minimize or Compensate for Resistance Errors
    Hack H., Moran P., Scully J.

    IR Drop in Electrochemical Corrosion Studies— Part I: Basic Concepts and Estimates of Possible Measurement Errors
    Ehrhardt W.

    Theoretical Problems Related to Ohmic Resistance Compensation
    Nisancioglu K.

    IR Drop in Electrochemical Corrosion Studies—Part 2: A Multiple Method IR Compensation System
    Ehrhardt W.

    Determination and Elimination of the Uncompensated Resistance in Low Conductivity Media
    Chen Y., Mansfeld F., Shih H.

    Correction of Experimental Data for the Ohmic Potential Drop Corresponding to a Secondary Current Distribution on a Disk Electrode
    Esteban J., Lowry M., Orazem M.

    Application of Numerical Simulations to Evaluate Components of Potential Difference in Solution
    Farozic V., Prentice G.

    Ohmic Compensation in Desert Soil Using a Galvanostatic DC Bridge
    Abraham D., Case C., Jones D., Whitbeck M.

    Measurements of IR-Drop Free Pipe-to-Soil Potentials on Buried Pipelines
    Beavers J., Thompson N.

    Elimination of IR Error in Measurements of Corrosion in Concrete
    Escalante E.

    Comparison of Current Interruption and Electrochemical Impedance Techniques in the Determination of Corrosion Rates of Steel in Concrete
    Berke N., Shen D., Sundberg K.

    Measurement of the Components of the Ohmic Resistance in Lithium/lodine (P2VP) Batteries
    Jolson J., Kelly R., Moran P., Streinz C., Waggoner J., Wicelinski S.

    The Importance of Ohmic Potential Drop in Crevice Corrosion
    Shaw B.

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    Committee: G01

    DOI: 10.1520/STP1056-EB

    ISBN-EB: 978-0-8031-5118-5

    ISBN-13: 978-0-8031-1283-4

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