Safety in Ice Hockey

    Castaldi CR, Hoerner EF
    Published: 1989

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    The first book published on the historical and scientific aspects of safety in the sport of ice hockey. Contains 25 papers covering: injury rates in amateur, college, and professional hockey; risk factors, game rules and officiating; playing equipment, skates, sticks, protective types; playing facilities (indoor and outdoor) causative factors in catastrophic injuries; the role of standards in protective equipment for the head and face, and for skate blades and their effectiveness.

    Table of Contents

    Castaldi C., Hoerner E.

    The Critical Role of Epidemiological Studies in Assessing the Frequence and Causative Factors in Sports-Related Injuries
    Clarke K.

    Injury Rates in Amateur, College, and Professional Hockey
    Bernard J., Castaldi C., Sparacio L., Wood A.

    Epidemiology of Eye Injuries in Hockey
    Pashby T.

    Rule Changes: Their Effect on Safety in Ice Hockey
    Rudolph M.

    The Effect of Rules and Officiating on the Occurrence and Prevention of Injuries
    Parayre R.

    Assumption of Risk—Hockey Injuries
    Abraham C., Newman M., Pugh J., Shulman S.

    Eye and Face Injuries in High School Hockey: Cutting Down the Risks
    Mastrangelo F.

    A Proposal for the Use of the Half Face, Clear Plastic Visor for National Collegiate Athletic Association Hockey
    Walsh S.

    The Ice Hockey Face Guard: Health Care Costs and Ethics
    Bentkover J., Kalin J., Sullivan R., Vinger P.

    The Quebec Sports Safety Board—Its Functions, Powers, Structures, and Activities
    Régnier G.

    Cervical Spine Fractures: Mechanisms, Neck Loads, and Methods of Prevention
    Bishop P., Wells R.

    Effects of Body-Checking in the Pee-Wee (12 and 13 Years Old) Division in the Province of Quebec
    Bernard D., Boileau R., Boulanger D., Desharnais R., Larouche R., Marcotte G., Régnier G., Roy M., Trudel P.

    Development of a Knee Injury Protective Brace for Ice Hockey Players
    Johnson G., Odelgard B., Tegner Y.

    Safety Factors in the Modern Ice Hockey Skate Blade
    Couture G.

    Kinematic Analysis of the Talocrural and Subtalar Joints During the Hockey Skating Stride
    Hall K., Hoshizaki T., Kirchner G.

    Ice Hockey Protective Equipment—Its Value, Capabilities, and Limitations
    Hoerner E.

    The Dynamic Role Played by the Ice Hockey Stick
    Hoerner E.

    Research and Development of Hockey Protective Equipment—A Historical Perspective
    Clement L., Jones D.

    Design of Hockey Rinks and the Development of Standards
    Keating M., Norris R.

    Natural Ice Facilities
    Mittelstaedt A.

    The Canadian Standards Association and the Evolution of Head and Face Protection in Canadian Hockey
    Dixon J.

    The Development of Head, Face, and Neck Protectors for Ice Hockey Players
    Odelgard B.

    Impact of Full Face and Visor Type Hockey Face Guards
    Bishop P., Smith T.

    Development of an Impact Testing Method for Protective Helmets
    Johnson G.

    The ASTM F 1045-87 Standard Performance Specification for Ice Hockey Helmets
    Morehouse C.

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    Committee: F08

    DOI: 10.1520/STP1050-EB

    ISBN-EB: 978-0-8031-5101-7

    ISBN-13: 978-0-8031-1274-2

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