Reduced Activation Materials for Fusion Reactors

    Klueh RL, Gelles DS, Okada M, Packan NH
    Published: 1990

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    Material for future reactors is the focus of this new publication from ASTM. Eighteen papers anticipate safety and waste disposal problems from induced radioactivity in the reactor materials. Papers presented in three sections:

    • Austenitic Stainless Steels

    • Ferritic Steels

    • Vanadium Alloys

    Table of Contents

    Gelles D., Klueh R., Okada M., Packan N.

    Reduced Activation Austenitic Stainless Steels: The Fe-Mn-Cr-C System
    Klueh R., Maziasz P.

    An Assessment of Fe-Cr-Mn Austenitic Alloys for Fusion Service Using Fast Reactor Irradiation
    Garner F., McCarthy J.

    Design of Low Activation Austenitic Steels by the d-Electron Concept
    Ezaki H., Matsumoto Y., Morinaga M., Murata Y., Nishiyama K., Yukawa N.

    Irradiation Effects on Mechanical Properties of High Manganese Steels
    Kodaka H., Miyata K., Nishikawa S., Yoshida H.

    Precipitation Sensitivity to Alloy Composition in Fe-Cr-Mn Austenitic Steels Developed for Reduced Activation for Fusion Application
    Klueh R., Maziasz P.

    The Dependence of ☌-Phase Formation in Fe-Cr-Mn Alloys on Cold Work, Aging, and Alloy Composition
    Hosoi Y., Miyahara K., Mochizuki M., Okazaki Y.

    The Effect of Composition and Phase on Segregation of Fe-Cr Based Alloys
    Garner F., Kinoshita H., Nakahigashi S., Ohnuki S., Shiba K., Takahashi H.

    Decrease of Ductility Due to Hydrogen in Fe-Cr-Mn Steel
    Igata N., Nagato T., Osada T., Sekiguchf T., Tsunakawa H.

    Effects of Irradiation on Low Activation Ferritic Alloys: A Review
    Gelles D.

    Optimization of Reduced Activation Ferritic Steels
    Abe F., Araki H., Noda T., Okada M.

    Low Chromium Reduced-Activation Ferritic Steels
    Klueh R., Maziasz P.

    The Post-Irradiation Tensile Properties and Microstructure of Several Vanadium Alloys
    Braski D.

    A TEM Study of V and V-lat.%10B with Fast Neutron Irradiations
    Ishino S., Kawanishi H.

    Microstructure of Neutron Irradiated Vanadium Alloys
    Kinoshita H., Ohnuki S., Takahashi H.

    Defect Behavior and Microstructural Evolution in Vanadium-Base Alloys Under Irradiation in a High-Voltage Electron Microscope
    Araki K., Muroga T., Yoshida N.

    EB Welding of Low-Activation Vanadium-Binary Alloys
    Hiraoka Y., Noda T., Okada M.

    Diffusion Bonding Between Vanadium and Alumina
    Abe K., Kikuchi M., Okamura K.

    Solid State Reactions Between V-Base Alloys and Silicon Carbide at High Temperatures
    Kurokawa K., Miyamoto K., Nagasaki R.

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    Committee: E10

    DOI: 10.1520/STP1047-EB

    ISBN-EB: 978-0-8031-5113-0

    ISBN-13: 978-0-8031-1267-4

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