Flammability and Sensitivity of Materials in Oxygen-Enriched Atmospheres: Fourth Volume

    Stoltzfus J, Stradling J, Benz F
    Published: 1989

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    STP 1040 presents 22 peer reviewed papers on the special hazards associated with the use of oxygen. It is the only reference containing recent literature on flammability and compatibility of materials in oxygen, design of oxygen components and systems, test method development and evaluation.

    Table of Contents

    Benz F., Stoltzfus J., Stradling J.


    An Evaluation of the Liquid Oxygen Mechanical Impact Test
    Linley L., Moffett G., Pedley M., Schmidt N.

    Ignition of Nonmetallic Materials by Impact of High-Pressure Oxygen II: Evaluation of Repeatability of Pneumatic Impact Test
    Linley L., Moffett G., Pedley M., Schmidt N.

    The Effects of Testing Methodology on the Promoted Ignition-Combustion Behavior of Carbon Steel and 316L Stainless Steel in Oxygen Gas Mixtures
    MC Ilroy K., Zawierucha R.

    Promoted Combustion of Nine Structural Metals in High-Pressure Gaseous Oxygen; A Comparison of Ranking Methods
    Beeson H., Rucker M., Steinberg T.

    Modeling and Data Evaluation of the WSTF Frictional Heating Test Facility
    Yuen W.

    The Oxygen Sensitivity/Compatibility Ranking of Several Materials by Different Test Methods
    Bryan C., Hampton M., Lockhart B.

    Further Studies of Factors that Affect the Spontaneous Ignition Temperatures of Non-metallic Materials in Gaseous Oxygen
    Nolan P., Swindells I., Wharton R.

    The Ignition Behaviour of Silicone Greases in Oxygen Atmospheres
    Currie J., Irani R., Sanders J.

    Promoted Ignition - Combustion Behavior of Selected Engineering Alloys In Oxygen Gas Mixtures
    Mc Ilroy K., Zawierucha R.

    Fire Spread Rates Along Cylindrical Metal Rods in High-Pressure Oxygen
    Sato J.

    Pressurized Flammability Limits of Metals
    Slusser J., Werley B., Zabrenski J.

    Combustion of 316 Stainless Steel in High-Pressure Gaseous Oxygen
    Benz F., Janoff D., Steinberg T.

    The Pv Product Required for the Frictional Ignition of Alloys
    Benz F., Homa J., Stoltzfus J.

    Design of an Ignition-Resistant, High-Pressure, High-Temperature Oxygen Valve
    Christianson R., Plante B.

    Promoted Ignition of Oxygen Regulators
    Langford R., Meyer G., Newton B.

    Ignition of PTFE-Lined Flexible Hoses by Rapid Pressurization with Oxygen
    Bamford L., Bryan C., Janoff D., Newton B.

    Evolving Non-Swelling Elastomers For High Pressure Oxygen Environments
    Currie J., Irani R., Sanders J.

    Surface Modification of Monel K-500 as a Means of Reducing Friction and Wear in High-Pressure Oxygen
    Gunaji M., Kazaroff J., Schoenman L., Stoltzfus J.

    Oxygen Fires, Materials Compatibility and System Contaminants
    Barter S., Hillen L.

    Evaluating Systems for Oxygen Service Through the Use of Quantitative Fault Tree Analysis
    Santay A.

    The Oxidant O2 (Helium) Index of Flammability of Endotracheal Tubes
    Schiff G., Simpson J., Wolf G.

    Oxygen-Enriched Fires During Surgery of The Head and Neck
    Bruley M., Lavanchy C.

    Measurements of Oxygen-Enrichment in Foam Insulation for Liquid Nitrogen Pipelines
    Hokkanen C.

    Oxygen Compatibility of Pressure Regulators for Gas Cylinders
    Barthélémy H., Delode G., Vagnard G.

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    Committee: G04

    DOI: 10.1520/STP1040-EB

    ISBN-EB: 978-0-8031-5095-9

    ISBN-13: 978-0-8031-1288-9

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