Pesticide Formulations and Application Systems: International Aspects 9th Volume

    Hazen JL, Hovde DA
    Published: 1989

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    24 papers in 5 categories:

    • International Aspects

    • Formulation Efficacy

    • Formulation Testing

    • Application Systems: Devices

    • Application Systems: Deposition Studies.

    A useful reference for those involved in the formulation, manufacture, application and registration of agricultural chemicals.

    Table of Contents

    Hazen J., Hovde D.


    Introductory Remarks
    Hazen J.

    International Registration and Reform Dealing with Formulations
    Landis W.

    Proposition 65, Today and the Future
    Gentry G., Miller E.

    A Study of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCS) and Photochemically Reactive Organic Compounds (PROCS) in Relation to Household Pesticide Formulations
    Namnath J., O'Hair D., Stripling E.

    Cast's Response to Environmental Issues
    Marion W.

    Effect of Formulation on Fungicidal Activity
    Arnold W., Jourdan G., Winkle J.

    Epicuticular Wax Solubility in Petroleum Solvents Relative to Herbicide Phytotoxicity
    Group E., Krenek M., Manthey F., Nalewaja J.

    New Polymeric Materials for Temperature Controlled Release of Agricultural Chemicals
    Greene L., Stewart R.

    Synthetic Silicas in Pesticide Formulation with Special Emphasis on Water Dispersible Granules
    Ferch H., Oelmüller R.

    The Formulation of Rodenticides for Optimized Efficacy and Safety
    Godfrey M.

    An Overview of Flea Control - Indoors
    Bushman D., Case J., Malone G., Mikkonen J., Wilks J.

    Effect of Formulation on the Stability and Bioactivity of Methamidophos
    Ho M., Kao S., Lo C., Tzeng C.

    Drop Size Spectra, Spreading, and Adhesion and Physical Properties of Eight Bacillus Thuringiensis Formulations Following Spray Application under Laboratory Conditions
    Sundaram A.

    Evaluation Method for Agricultural Foam Markers
    Collins H., Smith C.

    Testing Methods for Water Dispersible Granules
    Collins H., Gorman W., Munie L.

    Use of an Air-Assisted Electrostatic Sprayer to Increase Pesticide Efficiency in Greenhouses
    Adams A., Hall F., Lehtinen J., Lindquist R., Simmons H.

    Application, Distribution and Efficacy of Electrostatically Charged Sprays on Chrysanthemums
    Adams A., Hall F., Lindquist R., Rolph I.

    Evaluation of a No-Touch Pesticide Use System
    Hall F., Maurer C., Omilinsky B., Reed J., Reichard D.

    Application of Pesticides on-the-go with Granular Fertilizer
    Leedahl A., Strand G.

    Deposition Efficiency from Aerial Application of Postemergence Herbicides
    Bode L., Bouse L., Carlton J., Kirk I., Stermer R.

    Fenitrothion Deposits on Simulated and Live Fir Foliage Following Aerial Spraying of Two Formulations
    Raske A., Sundaram A., Sundaram K., West R.

    Fenitrothion Deposits on Different Components of a Forest Ecosystem During an Aerial Spray Trial
    Sundaram K.

    Spray Displacements of Two Agricultural Nozzies Using Spray Patternator
    Krishnan P.

    Spray Droplet Size Effect on Mortality of Citrus Rust Mite
    McCoy C., Salyani M.

    The Effect of Application Volume on Wood Penetration by an Organophosphate Insecticide
    Powell P., Robinson W.

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    Committee: E35

    DOI: 10.1520/STP1036-EB

    ISBN-EB: 978-0-8031-5092-8

    ISBN-13: 978-0-8031-1450-0

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