Surface Characteristics of Roadways: International Research and Technologies

    Meyer WE, Reichert J
    Published: 1990

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    40 papers on the characteristics of pavement surfaces, methods of measuring and interpreting them, and how to apply the resulting data in pavement management. Chapters include: Skid Resistance and Texture; Pavement Roughness, Field Economy, Noise, and other Related Subjects.

    Table of Contents

    Meyer W.

    French Resumes of Papers

    Reichert J.

    Skid Resistance and Road-Surface Texture
    Augustin H.

    The Influence of Polishing Resistance of Sand on Skid Resistance of Asphalt Concrete
    Dames J.

    The Introduction of a Skidding-Resistance Policy in Great Britain
    Gargett T.

    The Use of Fuzzy-Sets Mathematics for Analysis of Pavement Skid Resistance
    Henry J., Huihua X.

    Effect of Water-Film Thickness on Tire-Pavement Friction
    Harwood D., Kulakowski B.

    Predicting the Skid Resistance of Bituminous Pavements Through Accelerated Laboratory Testing of Aggregates
    Barros R., Diringer K.

    A New Laser, Noncontact Method for Measuring Vehicle-to-Pavement Distance
    Caussignac J., Charrier J., Morel G.

    Measurement of Skidding Resistance and Surface Texture and the Use of Results in the United Kingdom
    Butler I., Kennedy C., Young A.

    A Closed-Loop Calibration Procedure for a British Pendulum Tester
    Henry J., Kulakowski B., Lin C.

    Evaluating the Polishing Properties of Aggregates and Bituminous Pavement Surfaces by Means of the Penn State Reciprocating Polishing Machine
    Isozaki S., Nitta N., Saito K.

    A Numerical Analysis of the Friction Mechanism of Grooved Road Surfaces
    Heaton B., Moore I., Purushothaman N.

    New-Generation Skid Testers for the 1990s
    Henry J., Meyer W., Wambold J.

    Aircraft/Ground-Vehicle Friction Measurement Study
    Yager T.

    The Development of a Simple Instrument for Measuring Pavement Roughness and Predicting Pavement Rideability
    Hayhoe G., Janoff M.

    Equipment and Methods for Assessing Surface Characteristics of a Road Network
    Jordan P.

    Dynamic Behavior of a Vehicle on a Rutted Road
    Fujiwara T., Hagiwara T., Kaku T., Nakatsuji T., Onodera Y.

    Analysis of Transverse Unevenness with Respect to Traffic Safety
    Kamplade J.

    Surface-Smoothness Evaluation and Specifications for Flexible Pavements
    Elkins G., Hudson W., Uddin W.

    The Noss Roughness Meter: A Norwegian Road-Roughness Measurement System
    Noss P.

    Loss of Control of Trucks Caused by Pavement Edge and Shoulder Conditions
    Ivey D., MacAdam C., Ross H., Sicking D.

    The Prediction of Pavement Ride Quality from Profile Measurements of Pavement Roughness
    Janoff M.

    Some Surface Roughness, Loss, and Slipperiness Characteristics of Unpaved Roads
    Paige-Green P.

    Use of the Inertial Profilometer to Calibrate the Commonwealth of Kentucky Department of Highways' Mays Ride Meter Systems
    Burchett J., Rizenbergs R., Robinson D., Spangler E.

    High-Performance Measurements for Programming and Controlling Maintenance of Surface Characteristics: Operational Systems in Use on Italian Motorways
    Camomilla G., Malgarini M., Peroni G.

    Surface-Deterioration Resistance of Concrete Pavement Materials
    Fwa T., Paramasivam P.

    Errors in Automated Pavement Surface Distress Data Collection
    Humplick F., McNeil S.

    Measurements and Criteria: Essential Elements for Pavement Management
    de Wit B., Jordens R.

    Theoretical Principles, Methods, and Equipment for Pavement-Condition Measurements Specific for Road Management Systems
    Šprinc J., Kropáč O., Lehovec F., Procházka M.

    Impact of Roughness-Induced Dynamic Load on Flexible Pavement Performance
    Haas R., Leblanc P., Papagiannakis A., Woodrooffe J.

    Road-Surface Influence on Tire Rolling Resistance
    Descornet G.

    Influence of Road-Surface Roughness on Vehicle Operating Costs: Reviewing the Evidence from Developing Countries
    Harrison R.

    Influence of Road Surface Roughness on Tire Noise Generation in the Federal Republic of Germany
    Huschek S.

    Road Conditions and Accidents in Winter
    Fujiwara T., Hagiwara T., Kaku T., Nakatsuji T., Onodera Y.

    The Influence of Pavement Evenness and Macrotexture on Fuel Consumption
    Laganier R., Lucas J.

    Road Macro- and Megatexture Influence on Fuel Consumption
    Sandberg U.

    Fuel Consumption of Vehicles as Affected by Road-Surface Characteristics
    Curtayne P., du Plessis H., Visser A.

    Measurement of Rolling Resistance Using an Eccentrically Weighted Oscillating Wheel
    Hill B.

    Optimization of Road-Surface Characteristics: A Concept for a Research Program in the Federal Republic of Germany
    Hiersche E.

    Analysis and Evaluation of the Performance of Porous Asphalt: The Spanish Experience
    Calzada Pérez M., Pérez Jiménez F.

    Splash and Spray
    Pilkington G.

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    Subject Index

    Committee: E17

    DOI: 10.1520/STP1031-EB

    ISBN-EB: 978-0-8031-5110-9

    ISBN-13: 978-0-8031-1391-6

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