Insulation Materials, Testing and Applications

    McElroy DL, Kimpflen JF
    Published: 1990

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    STP 1030 provides the insulation community with an update on residential, commercial, and industrial application. Includes 50 papers on new materials assessments and properties of foams, properties and models, loose-fill behavior, systems performance testing, building applications and user interests, and industrial applications and tests.

    Table of Contents

    Evaluation of Fumed-Silica Insulation for a Thermal Conductivity Standard Reference Material
    Faison T., Rennex B., Somers T., Zarr R.

    A Summary of the Manufacture, Uses, and Properties of Autoclaved Aerated Concrete
    Mathey R., Rossiter W.

    Magnesium Oxychloride-Based Foam Thermal Insulation: An Initial Investigation
    Brown P., Rossiter W.

    Thermal Resistance of Fine Powders at Atmospheric Pressure and under Vacuum
    Graves R., McElroy D., Weaver F., Yarbrough D.

    Solid Conductivity of Loaded Fibrous Insulations
    Büttner D., Caps R., Fricke J., Gross J., Nilsson O.

    Radiant Heat Transfer in Extremely Low Density Fibrous Assemblies
    Dent R., Donovan J., Skelton J.

    Variation of Insulating Properties of Closed-Cell Foam Insulation
    Glicksman L., Ostrogorsky A.

    Overview of Physical Properties of Cellular Thermal Insulations
    Strzepek W.

    Technical Assessment of Foam-in-place Cellular Plastics for Building Envelope Applications
    Tye R.

    Evaluation of Long-Term Thermal Resistance of Gas-filled Foams: State of the Art
    Bomberg M., Brandreth D.

    Measurement of Gas Diffusion in Closed-Cell Foams
    Shankland I.

    Foam Insulation Aging: Historical Perspective and Outstanding Problems
    Zwolinski L.

    Deterioration of Thermal Insulation Properties of Extruded Polystyrene: Classification and Quality Control System in Sweden
    Sandberg P.

    Long-Term R-Values and Thermal Testing Requirements for Rigid Insulating Foams
    Hagan J., Miller R.

    Comparison of Gas and Electric Radiant Panels for Measuring the Flammability of Loose-Fill Cellulose Insulation
    Damant G., Hillier R., Needles H., Siddiqui S.

    Field Data on Settling in Loose-Fill Thermal Insulation
    Svennerstedt B.

    An In Situ Evaluation of the Settling of Loose-Fill Rock Wool Insulation in the Attics of Two Manufactured Home Units
    Graves R., Yarbrough D.

    Apparent Thermal Conductivity Versus Density as a Function of Blown Thickness for Pneumatically Applied Insulations: Continuing Studies
    Angleton H., Mathis R.

    New Developments Toward Accurate Assessment of Material Density for ASTM C 687 Testing of Pneumatically Applied Insulations
    Kenney T., Mathis R.

    A Round Robin on Apparent Thermal Conductivity of Several Loose-Fill Insulations
    Adams R., Hust J.

    A Theoretical and Experimental Study of Convective Effects in Loose-Fill Thermal Insulation
    Arquis E., Langlais C., McCaa D.

    An Acoustic Technique for Evaluation of Thermal Insulation
    Bartel T., Evans D., Flynn D.

    A Dynamic Test Method for Determining Transfer Function Coefficients for a Wall Specimen Using a Calibrated Hot Box
    Burch D., Licitra B., Zarr R.

    Thermal Resistances of Metal Frame Wall Constructions Incorporating Various Combinations of Insulating Materials
    Strzepek W.

    Methods for Determining the Thermal Performance of Reflective Insulation Systems
    Goss W., Miller R., Oscar D., Seifaee F.

    Influence of Natural Convection in an Insulated Cavity on the Thermal Performance of a Wall
    Lecompte J.

    A Survey of Window U-Value Measurements in Sweden (1977–1987)
    Staelens P.

    Heat Transfer Characteristics of a Recently Developed Lightweight Structural Concrete
    Van Geem M.

    The Northwest Wall Moisture Study: A Field Study of Moisture in the Exterior Walls of New Northwest Energy-Efficient Homes
    Tsongas G.

    A Comparison of Two Techniques for Monitoring the Field Thermal Performance of Roof Systems
    Childs P., Courville G., Derderian G., Moazed A., Shu L., Stewart G.

    A Comparison of Two Independent Techniques for the Determination of In Situ Thermal Performance
    Courville G., Desjarlais A., McIntyre C., Tye R.

    Use of Two Heat Flow Transducers for Transient Thermal Measurements on Porous Insulating Materials
    Boulant J., Langlais C.

    Modeling of Thermal Resistance Test Configurations That Use Thin Heaters
    Graves R., McElroy D., Yarbrough D.

    Importance of Radiation in Transient Tests of Fibrous Insulations
    Thomas J.

    Transient Coupled Conduction and Radiation Heat Transfer Through Ceiling Fiberglass/Gypsum Board Composite
    Roux J., Yeh H.

    Spectral Radiative Properties and Apparent Thermal Conductivity of Expanded Polystyrene Foam Insulation
    Roux J., Yajnik S.

    Optically Thin Fibrous Insulations
    Arduini M., Caps R., Döll G., De Ponte F., Fricke J., Hümmer E.

    Minimum Life-Cycle Cost Analysis of Residential Buildings for PC-Based Energy Conservation Standards
    Heidell J., Tuluca A.

    Computer Modeling of Climates
    Cash C.

    Factors Influencing Consumer Insulation Activities
    Meeks C.

    Implementing Thermal Insulation Product Standards
    Nelson B.

    Corrosiveness of Residential Thermal Insulation Materials under Simulated Service Conditions
    Desjarlais A., Sheppard K., Weil R.

    The Most Needed Building Foundations Research Products
    Christian J.

    Case Histories of Underground Heat Distribution Systems: 1959–1986
    Bahnfleth D., Govan F.

    Review of ASTM Guide for Removable Insulation Covers (C 1094)
    Hart G.

    New Developments in Test Technology for ASTM C 692 (Preproduction Corrosion Test for Insulation To Be Used on Austenitic Stainless Steel)
    Hutto F., Whitaker T., Whorlow K.

    High-Temperature Calorimeter Performance Variable Study
    Troyer R.

    An Automated High-Temperature Guarded-Hot-Plate Apparatus for Measuring Apparent Thermal Conductivity of Insulations Between 300 and 750 K
    Filla B., Hurley J., Hust J., Smith D.

    On the Thermal Insulation of Outdoor Electronic Cabinets
    Guglielmini G., Milano G.

    Heat-Insulating, High-Temperature Materials on Cenosphere Base
    Baranowski A., Hycnar J., Ignaszak Z., Zak M.

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    Committee: C16

    DOI: 10.1520/STP1030-EB

    ISBN-EB: 978-0-8031-5109-3

    ISBN-13: 978-0-8031-1278-0

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