Aquatic Toxicology and Hazard Assessment: 12th Volume

    Cowgill UM, Williams LR
    Published: 1989

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    34 papers debate the merits of test development, animal and plant culture, nutrition and testing, and the lack of interagency harmony. Papers are divided into the following categories:

    • Benefits of Interagency Harmonization of Methodology

    • Review of Common Modes of Toxic Action

    • Field Techniques

    • Interpretation of Microcosm Data

    • Quality Assurance in Ecotoxicity Testing

    • Sediment Toxicity Testing

    • Culturing and Testing of New Organisms

    • Nutrition and Testing

    • Target Toxicant Analysis

    Table of Contents

    Cowgill U.

    Harmonization of Methodology: International Perspective
    Horwitz W.

    Harmonization of Quality Assurance—An Interagency Perspective
    Williams L.

    Modeling the Contributions of Cross-Reactant Chemicals in Immunoassays
    Show I., Show M., Williams L.

    The Application of Avoidance/Preference Testing in Aquatic Toxicology
    Bailey H., Smith E.

    Bridging the Gap from Short-Term Teratogenesis Assays to Human Health Hazard Assessment by Understanding Common Modes of Teratogenic Action
    Bantle J., Dawson D., Fort D.

    Polar Narcosis in Aquatic Organisms
    Bradbury S., Carlson R., Henry T.

    The Organophosphate Acid Anhydrases of the Protozoan, Tetrahymena Thermophila, and the Clam, Rangia Cuneata
    Anderson R., Chester N., Durst H., Haley M., Johnson D., Landis W., Tauber R.

    The Relation of the Acute (96-h) Uptake and Subcellular Distribution of Cadmium and Zinc to Cadmium Toxicity in Larvae of Rhithropanopeus harrisii and Palaemonetes pugio
    Costlow J., Thorpe G.

    Laser/Microbe Bioassay System
    Chaisson C., Christison T., Felkner I., Kurtz J., Worthy B., Wyatt P.

    Nonpolar Narcosis: A Review of the Mechanism of Action for Baseline Aquatic Toxicity
    Schultz T.

    Evolution of the Farm Pond Study
    Hobson J., Palmieri M., Sherman J.

    Field Studies in Estuarine Ecosystems: A Review of Approaches for Assessing Contaminant Effects
    Clark J.

    Field Techniques for Determining the Effects of Toxic Substances on Benthic Macroinvertebrates in Rocky-Bottomed Streams
    Hiner S., Layton R., Voshell J.

    Repeatability and Reproducibility of the Standardized Aquatic Microcosm: Statistical Properties
    Conquest L., Taub F.

    Statistical and Nonstatistical Considerations in Quantifying Pollutant-Induced Changes in Microcosms
    Sheehan P.

    An Assessment of the Precision and Accuracy of SAM and MFC Microcosms Exposed to Toxicants
    Flum T., Shannon L., Stay F., Yount J.

    Use of Microcosm Data for Regulatory Decisions
    Harrass M., Sayre P.

    Adaptation of Mixed Flask Culture Microcosms for Testing the Survival and Effects of Introduced Microorganisms
    Anderson R., Flum T., Shannon L., Yount J.

    The New Jersey Toxicity Test Laboratory Certification Program
    Korndoerfer A.

    Acute and Rapid-Chronic Toxicity of Hexavalent Chromium to Five Marine Species
    Jop K.

    Bioaccumulation of 1,2,4-Trichlorobenzene from Food and Water Sources by Spot (Leiostomus xanthurus)
    Clark J., Heitmuller P.

    Toxicity and Metabolism of Mexacarbate in Freshwater Crayfish Under Laboratory Conditions
    Sundaram K.

    The Effects of a Contaminated Dredged Material on Laboratory Populations of the Tubicolous Amphipod Ampelisca abdita
    Redmond M., Scott K.

    Application of a New Sediment Toxicity Test Using the Marine Amphipod Ampelisca abdita to San Francisco Bay Sediments
    Breteler R., Scott K., Shepherd S.

    Bioavailability and Toxicity of a Mixture of Sediment-Associated Chlorinated Hydrocarbons to the Amphipod Pontoporeia hoyi
    Eadie B., Faust W., Landrum P.

    Evaluation of a Chronic Estimation Toxicity Test Using Mysidopsis bahia
    Goodfellow W., Rue W.

    Evaluation of a Chronic Estimation Toxicity Test Using Skeletonema costatum
    Lemarie D., Missimer C., Rue W.

    Evaluation of a Seven-Day Chronic Toxicity Estimation Test Using Cyprinodon variegatus
    McCulloch W., Rue W.

    Inherent Problems in Reconstituted Water
    Caffrey P., Keating K., Schultz K.

    The Culturing and Testing of Two Species of Duckweed
    Cowgill U., Milazzo D.

    A Comparison of Seven Diets Used to Culture Tanytarsus Dissimilis
    Gersich F., Landenberger B., Milazzo D.

    The Requirements for a Balanced Medium in Toxicological Experiments Using Mysidopsis bahia with Special Reference to Calcium Carbonate
    Ward S.

    Analytical Variation in the Determination of the Fatty Acid Composition of Standard Preparations of Brine Shrimp Artemia: an Interlaboratory Exercise
    Bengtson D., Léger P., Sorgeloos P.

    Selected References Addressing the Development and Utilization of Immunoassay
    Van Emon J.

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    Subject Index

    Committee: E47

    DOI: 10.1520/STP1027-EB

    ISBN-EB: 978-0-8031-5088-1

    ISBN-13: 978-0-8031-1253-7

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