Nondestructive Testing of Pavements and Backcalculation of Moduli

    Baladi GY, Bush AJ
    Published: 1989

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    Topics include:

    • Backcalculation of Layer Moduli State of the Art

    • Nondestructive Testing Deflection, Radar, and Surface Wave Testing

    • Backcalculations of Layer Moduli from Deflection Data

    • Procedures for Analysis of Nondestructive Testing Data.

    Table of Contents

    Baladi G., Bush A.

    Backcalculation of Pavement Layer Properties
    Lytton R.

    Reliability Testing of Seven Nondestructive Pavement Testing Devices
    Bentsen R., Harrison J., Nazarian S.

    Comparison of Two Falling Weight Deflectometer Devices, Dynatest 8000 and KUAB 2M-FWD
    Crovetti J., Shahin M., Touma B.

    The Multidepth Deflectometer (MDD) System for Determining the Effective Elastic Moduli of Pavement Layers
    De Beer M., Horak E., Visser A.

    Using the Multidepth Deflectometer to Verify Modulus Backcalculation Procedures
    Briggs R., Lytton R., Scullion T.

    Application of Ground-Penetrating Radar and Infrared Thermography to Pavement Evaluation
    Eckrose R., Holt F.

    Nondestructive Evaluation of Pavements by Surface Wave Method
    Nazarian S., Stokoe K.

    Influence of Source and Receiver Geometry on the Testing of Pavements by the Surface Waves Method
    Hiltunen D., Woods R.

    USAF Wave Propagation NDT Method
    Amend J., Greene J., Schauz W., Wang M.

    Multilayer Elastic Program for Backcalculating Layer Moduli in Pavement Evaluation
    Alexander D., Barker W., Van Cauwelaert F., White T.

    Back-Analyzed Elastic Stiffnesses: Comparison Between Different Evaluation Procedures
    Brown S., Tam W.

    A Data Base Method for Backcalculation of Composite Pavement Layer Moduli
    Anderson M.

    General Procedure for Backcalculating Layer Moduli
    Germann F., Lytton R., Uzan J.

    Deflection Reading Accuracy and Layer Thickness Accuracy in Backcalculation of Pavement Layer Moduli
    Irwin L., Stubstad R., Yang W.

    Prediction of Flexible Pavement Layer Moduli from Dynaflect and FWD Deflections
    Badu-Tweneboah K., Manzione C., Miley W., Ruth B.

    In Situ Material Properties from Dynamic Deflection Equipment
    McCullough B., Uddin W.

    Development of the DBCONPAS Computer Program for Estimation of Concrete Pavement Parameters from FWD Data
    Eom K., Ruth B., Tia M.

    Parameter Estimates of Pavement Structure Layers and Uniqueness of the Solution
    Hein D., Stolle D.

    FWD Backcalculated Moduli Compared with Pavement Pressuremeter Moduli and Cyclic Triaxial Moduli
    Briaud J., Cosentino P.

    Backcalculation of Layer Moduli from Nondestructive Pavement Deflection Data Using the Expert System Approach
    Chou Y., Lytton R., Uzan J.

    A Mechanistic Method for Evaluation of Layer Moduli and Overlay Design
    Ali N., Khosla N.

    ILLI-SLAB and FWD Deflection Basins for Characterization of Rigid Pavements
    Darter M., Foxworthy P.

    A Simple Method of Measuring Pavement Rebound Deflection Bowl Data and Calculating Moduli
    Justo C., Rajagopal A.

    Evaluation of Moduli Backcalculation Programs for Low-Volume Roads
    Chua K.

    Semirigid Pavements: A Dead Loss for Backcalculation Procedures Using Deflection Bowls?
    Pronk A.

    Temperature, Frequency, and Load Level Correction Factors for Backcalculated Moduli Values
    Germann F., Lytton R.

    A Performance Comparison of Selected Backcalculation Computer Programs
    Coetzee N., Lee S., Mahoney J., Stubstad R.

    The Use of Falling Weight Deflectometer Data in Monitoring Flexible Pavement Systems
    Jackson N., Lee S., Mahoney J., Newcomb D.

    ILLI-PAVE Based NDT Analysis Procedures
    Thompson M.

    Nondestructive Testing Techniques and Evaluation Procedures for Airfield Pavements
    Alexander D., Grogan W., Kohn S.

    Using NDT Aided by an Expert System to Evaluate Airport and Highway Systems
    Berger L., Greenstein J.

    Stress Dependency of the (Sand) Subgrade Modulus by the Dead Weight of the Pavement Layers: Field Experiments with the Falling Weight Deflectometer
    Pronk A.

    SHRP Plans for Nondestructive Deflection Testing in the Development of Pavement Performance Prediction Models
    Rauhut J., Richter C.

    Ground Penetrating Radar Supplements Deflection Testing to Improve Airport Pavement Evaluations
    Eckrose R.

    Superheavy Overloads: NDT Pavement Deflections Compared to Predictions Based on Backcalculated Moduli
    Nokes W.

    Development of Analytical/Empirical Performance Parameters for the Structural Evaluation of Asphalt Pavements
    Cortenraad W., Houtman F., van Gurp C.

    Planning and Implementing a Nondestructive Pavement Testing Program
    Lindly J., Pumphrey N., White T.

    On Transforms and the Dispersion Computations Used for Evaluating Layer Properties
    Douglas R., Eddy J., Wahls H.

    Twenty Years of Nondestructive Testing and Backcalculation of Moduli for Pavements in Argentina
    Angelone S., Giovanón O., Martínez F., Pagola M., Poncino H., Tosticarelli J.

    Numerical and Optimization Techniques Applied to Surface Waves for Backcalculation of Layer Moduli
    Drnevich V., Hossain M.

    SASWOPR: A Program to Operate on Spectral Analysis of Surface Wave Data
    Drnevich V., Sayyedsadr M.

    Using NDT to Calculate the 1986 AASHTO Guide Subgrade Effective Resilient Modulus
    Lindly J., White T.

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    Committee: D04

    DOI: 10.1520/STP1026-EB

    ISBN-EB: 978-0-8031-5087-4

    ISBN-13: 978-0-8031-1260-5

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