Skiing Trauma and Safety: Seventh International Symposium

    Johnson RJ, Mote CD, Binet M-H
    Published: 1989

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    Research findings and expert opinion on the problem of snow skiing injury. 39 papers cover: epidemiology of skier injuries; skier behavior, ability, and conditioning; specific skier injuries; ski boot mechanics; binding mechanics; biomechanics of the lower extremity in skiing; biomechanics of thumb injuries; skiing safety; biomedical testing; and clothing.

    Table of Contents


    Johnson R., Mote C.

    Risk Factors for Ski Injuries: A Crash Course of Epidemiologic Methods with Emphasis on Comparability in Experiments and Case-Control Studies
    Bouter L., Knipschild P.

    Experimental Prospective Skiing Injury Study
    Hauser W.

    Skier Injury Trends
    Ettlinger C., Johnson R., Shealy J.

    A Five-Year Survey of Skiing Injuries in Hemsedal, Norway
    Lystad H.

    Skiing Injuries in Alpine Recreational Skiers
    Ekeland A., Holtmoen &., Lystad H.

    An Investigation into Ski Injuries and Equipment in Switzerland: Objectives, Means, and Observations
    Bally A., Bonjour F.

    Fatal Skiing Accidents in Austria—Epidemiology and Analysis
    Berghold F.

    Collision Injuries in Alpine Skiing
    Lystad H.

    Snowboarding Injuries on Alpine Slopes
    Shealy J., Sundman P.

    Skiing Behavior of Alpine Recreational Skiers
    Ekeland A., Holtmoen &., Lystad H.

    Ability and Physical Condition in Relation to Injury Risk in Downhill Skiing
    Bouter L., Knipschild P., Volovics A.

    Cruciate Ligament Injuries in Female Alpine Ski Racers
    Ellman B., Holmes E., Jordan J., McCarty P.

    More on the Lesions of the Anterior Cruciate Ligament and Their Prevention in Skiers
    Castanyer F., Escalas F., Espadaler-Gamisans J., Figueras J., Merino J., Vidal A.

    Unilateral Fracture of the Posterior Elements of the Lumbar Spine in Alpine Skiing
    Yahashi K., Yamagishi T.

    Eyewear-Related Eye Injuries in Snow Skiing
    Piziali R.

    Acute Arterial Occlusion Caused by High Ski Boots Treated with Low-Dose Streptokinase
    Essinger A.

    Influences on the Foot Pressure Pattern in Ski Boots
    Hauser W., Kulot M., Schaff P., Schattner R.

    Dorsiflexion of the Human Ankle as it Relates to Ski Boot Design in Downhill Skiing
    Miller D., Shealy J.

    Measurements of the Forces Needed to Take Off Classic and Rear Entry Ski Boots
    Binet M., Delouche G., Montillet B., Thomas M.

    A New Lower Leg Prosthesis with Simulation Device for the Achilles Tendon
    Bodem F., Casel J., Menke W., Volkert R.

    Problems Encountered in Flex Measurements on Alpine Ski Boots
    Bonjour F., Delouche G.

    Measurement of Boot Loads Using a Second-Generation Microcomputer-Controlled Snow Ski Binding System
    Hull M., Maxwell S., Wunderly G.

    A Mechanical Alpine Ski Binding with Programmable Release
    Hull M., Wunderly G.

    The Effect of Ankle Motion on Ski Binding Release Tests Using an Anthropometric Dummy
    Bahniuk E., Schneider R., Tompkin E.

    Elevated Racer Binding Settings and Inadvertent Releases
    Young L.

    Measurement of Strength and Loading Variables on the Knee During Alpine Skiing
    Hull M., Maxwell S.

    Three-Dimensional Loading of the Knee During Internal-External Rotation: The Effect of Ankle Constraint
    Mote C., Quinn T., Skinner H.

    Modeling Forces on the Anterior Cruciate Knee Ligament During Backward Falls While Skiing
    Bally A., Bonjour F., Boreiko M., Brown C.

    Axial Rotation of the Lower Limb Under Torsional Loading: I. Static and Dynamic Measurements in Vivo
    Hull M., Johnson C.

    Axial Rotation of the Lower Limb Under Torsional Loading: II. Parameter Identification of a Dynamic System Model
    Hull M., Johnson C.

    Skier's Thumb: Continuing Biomechanical Analysis
    Lamont M.

    Metacarpophalangeal Sprain of the Thumb in Downhill Skiers: Ergonomic Study
    Drouet N., Ledoux A., Ledoux X.

    On the Skiability of Snow
    Brown C., Outwater J.

    Television Programs to Prevent Skiing Injuries
    Figueras J.

    Organization of Skiing Safety in Norway
    Ekeland A., Larsen S., Nygaard P., Tuxen A.

    Biomedical Tests during a High Mountain Ski Touring Competition (Raid Blanc)
    Bonvecchio A., Casati A., Minelli R., Zucco P.

    A Technique for Analyzing the Thermal Resistance of Ski Gloves
    Roberts C.

    A Clothing Design Prototype to Meet Male Alpine Ski Instructors' Needs for Thermal Comfort
    Hester S., Laine D.

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    Committee: F27

    DOI: 10.1520/STP1022-EB

    ISBN-EB: 978-0-8031-5083-6

    ISBN-13: 978-0-8031-1197-4

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