Oil Dispersants: New Ecological Approaches

    Flaherty LM
    Published: 1989

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    A positive and timely look at the use of dispersants to protect the environment. 23 papers include material on: dispersant testing; contingency planning for dispersant use cost effectiveness; new related products; ecological and freshwater dispersant applications; and training for dispersant applications; and training for dispersant use.

    Table of Contents

    Flaherty L.

    Effects of Chemical Dispersant Agents on the Behavior and Retention of Spilled Crude Oil in a Simulated Streambed Channel
    Clayton J., Evans J., Evans M., Farmer G., Harkins P., McNabb G., Payne J., Phillips C., Rottunda N.

    Dispersant Use Guidelines for Freshwater and Other Inland Environments
    Flaherty L., Katz W., Kaufmann S.

    Dispersants in the Freshwater Environment
    Brown H., Goodman R.

    Economic Evaluation of Dispersants to Combat Oil Spills
    Lasday A.

    The Use of Chemical Dispersants to Control Oil Spills in Shallow Nearshore Waters
    McAuliffe C.

    Field Experience with Dispersants for Oil Spills on Land
    Paddock A.

    The Effect of Elastomers on the Efficiency of Oil Spill Dispersants
    Hadermann A., Lambrecht L., Waters P.

    Use of a Computerized Spill Response Tool for Emergency Response, Personnel Training, and Contingency Planning
    Dalsimer A., Flaherty L., Hansen A.

    The Crisis in Response Training
    Kaufmann S.

    A Computer-Assisted Planning System for Oil Spill Response Chemical Applications
    Shafer R.

    Approaches to Planning for Dispersant Use in Oil Spill Response
    Lindstedt-Siva J.

    Planning for Dispersant Use
    Fraser J.

    Dispersant Use Considerations
    Lavache M.

    Oil Dispersant Guidelines: Alaska
    Conway M., Fox L., Getter C., Hahn B., Harris L., Kennedy D., Manen C., Metsker H., O'Brien P., Tomich L., Whitney J.

    Letters of Agreement for the Use of Dispersants
    Hart T.

    Field Measurement of Effectiveness: Historical Review and Examination of Analytical Methods
    Fingas M.

    A New Pair of Eyes II. Looking at Dispersants from a Different Point of View
    Katz W.

    Measurements on Natural Dispersion
    Delvigne G.

    Laboratory Studies on Oil Spill Dispersants
    Bobra M., Dufort V., Duggan L., Fingas M., Hughes K.

    Design and Evaluation of a Large Boat-Mounted Dispersant Spraying System and Its Integration with Other Application Equipment
    Lindblom G., Onstad L.

    Tropical Oil Pollution Investigations in Coastal Systems (Tropics): The Effects of Untreated and Chemically Dispersed Prudhoe Bay Crude Oil on Mangroves, Seagrasses, and Corals in Panama
    Ballou T., Dodge R., Hess S., Knap A.

    Dispersed Oil Effects on Tropical Nearshore Ecosystems
    Thorhaug A.

    The Behavior of Dispersed and Nondispersed Fuels in a Sewer System
    Bobra A., Fingas M., Hughes K.

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    Committee: F20

    DOI: 10.1520/STP1018-EB

    ISBN-EB: 978-0-8031-5079-9

    ISBN-13: 978-0-8031-1194-3

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