Vane Shear Strength Testing in Soils: Field and Laboratory Studies

    Richards AF
    Published: 1988

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    Twenty-two papers discuss: reviews of the vane test on land and offshore; field and laboratory vane theory and interpretation; new laboratory test methods; and comparisons of field vane testing to laboratory testing and other methods of in situ testing.

    Table of Contents

    Richards A.



    The In-Situ Measurement of the Undrained Shear Strength of Clays Using the Field Vane
    Chandler R.

    In-Situ Vane Shear Testing at Sea
    McClelland B., Quiros G., Young A.

    Interpretation of the Field Vane Test in Terms of In-Situ and Yield Stresses
    Becker D., Been K., Crooks J.

    Anisotropy and In-Situ Vane Tests
    Aubertin M., Silvestri V.

    Errors Caused by Friction in Field Vane Tests
    Collet H., Ortigão J.

    Factors Affecting the Measurements and Interpretation of the Vane Strength in Soft Sensitive Clays
    Leblanc A., Roy M.

    Analysis of a Vane Test Based on Effective Stress
    Baba T., Karube D., Kotera Y., Shibuya S.

    Progressive Failure in the Vane Test
    Chan D., DeAlencar J., Morgenstern N.

    Measurement of Residual/Remolded Vane Shear Strength of Marine Sediments
    Chaney R., Richardson G.

    Micromorphological Aspects of the Vane Shear Test
    Edil T., Veneman P.

    Low-Strain Shear Measurement Using a Triaxial Vane Device
    Pamukcu S., Suhayda J.

    Miniature Vane and Cone Penetration Tests During Centrifuge Flight
    Almeida M., Parry R.

    Initial Stage Hardening Characteristics of Marine Clay Improved Cement
    Tanaka T., Tanaka Y., Tsutsumi T.

    Comparison of Field Vane and Laboratory Undrained Shear Strength in Soft Sensitive Clays
    Ladd C., Lefebvre G., Paré J.

    Comparison of Field Vane Results with Other In-Situ Test Results
    Campanella R., Greig J., Robertson P.

    Experience with Field Vane Testing at Sepetiba Test Fills
    Garga V.

    Vane Shear Test Apparatus: A Reliable Tool for the Soft Soil Exploration
    Dixit G., Nagarkar P., Rode S., Shurpal T.

    Comparison of In-Situ Vane, Cone Penetrometer, and Laboratory Test Results for Gulf of Mexico Deepwater Clays
    Ebelhar R., Hamilton T., Johnson G., Mueller J., Pelletier J.

    Comparison of Field Vane, CPT, and Laboratory Strength Data at Santa Barbara Channel Site
    Quiros G., Young A.

    Design and Offshore Experience with an In-Situ Vane
    Geise J., Hoope J., May R.

    Evaluation of Offshore In-Situ Vane Test Results
    Hoope J., Ims B., Kolk H.

    Autonomous Seafloor Strength Profiler: Comparison of In-Situ and Core Results
    Silva A., Wyland R.

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    Committee: D18

    DOI: 10.1520/STP1014-EB

    ISBN-EB: 978-0-8031-5030-0

    ISBN-13: 978-0-8031-1188-2

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