Radiation Embrittlement of Nuclear Reactor Pressure Vessel Steels: An International Review (Third Volume)

    Steele LE
    Published: 1989

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    Topics include: Overview of National Programs; Surveillance Program Results; Research to Support Vessel Integrity Assurance; and Fundamental Damage Mechanisms.

    Table of Contents

    Pugh C.

    Assurance of the Pressure Vessel Integrity with Respect to Irradiation Embrittlement: Activities in the Federal Republic of Germany
    Fëhl J., Kussmaul K., Weissenberg T.

    Overview of U.S. Research and Regulatory Activities on Neutron Radiation Embrittlement of Pressure Vessel Steel
    Randall P., Serpan C., Taboada A.

    Studies in the United Kingdom on Neutron Irradiation Embrittlement of Pressure Vessel Steels
    Davies L., Squires R.

    The Swiss Research Program on Irradiation Embrittlement and Annealing of Reactor Pressure Vessel Steels
    Njo D., Waeber W.

    Evaluation of WWER-440 Surveillance at Paks NPS
    Gillemot F., Rittinger J., Trampus P.

    Neutron Embrittlement Surveillance Program at Krṡko Nuclear Power Plant
    Glumac B., Kodeli I., Najzer M.

    Characteristics of the IAEA Correlation Monitor Material for Surveillance Programs
    Ahlstrand R., Rintamaa R., Torronen K., Valo M., Wallin K.

    Irradiation Programs to Establish the Safety Margins of German Licensing Rules Related to RPV Steel Embrittlement
    Ahlf J., Bellmann D., Schmitt F.

    Development of Reactor Pressure Vessel Design, Neutron Fluence Calculation, and Material Specification to Minimize Irradiation Effects
    Koban J., Leitz C.

    Effectiveness of Flux Reduction Measures Instituted at the Maine Yankee Atomic Power Station
    Jones H.

    Residual Life Assessment of Light Water Reactor Pressure Vessels
    Amar A., Odette G., Server W., Shah V.

    Radiation Embrittlement Trend Curves and the Impact on Nuclear Plant Operating Criteria
    Griesbach T., Odette G.

    Evaluation of Thermal Annealing Behavior of Neutron-Irradiated Reactor Pressure Vessel Steels Using Nondestructive Test Methods
    Brauer G., Leonhardt W., Popp K., Viehrig H.

    Semiempirical Model for Annealing and Reirradiation Embrittlement in Pressure Vessel Steels
    Lott R., Mager T.

    Status of Research to Assess Radiation Effects on Crack-Arrest Toughness of RPV Steels
    Marschall C., Rosenfield A.

    Defect Particles in an Irradiated RPV Steel Studied by a Systematic Variation of Irradiation and Annealing Conditions: Preliminary Results by Small Angle Neutron Scattering
    Frisius F., Solt G., Waeber W.

    SANS Investigation of Irradiated A533-B Steels Doped with Phosphorus
    Beaven P., Frisius F., Hawthorne J., Kampmann R., Wagner R.

    Positron Lifetime Characterization of Irradiated Pressure Vessel Model Alloys
    Hautojarvi P., Huomo H., Nyberg P., Valo M.

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    Committee: E10

    DOI: 10.1520/STP1011-EB

    ISBN-EB: 978-0-8031-5074-4

    ISBN-13: 978-0-8031-1187-5

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