Reactor Dosimetry: Methods, Applications, and Standardization

    Farrar H, Lippincott EP
    Published: 1989

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    Included are papers on applications to reactor pressure vessel surveillance; measurements to provide basic nuclear data and benchmarks for measurement standardization; calculational methods; and research on breeder and fusion environment. Section headings: LWR Pressure Vessel Surveillance Programs; Nuclear Data; Benchmarks and Standards; Fusion and Damage Analysis.

    Table of Contents

    Farrar H., Lippincott E.

    A Note on ASTM and Committee E-10
    Olson P.

    Impact of USA-Euratom Cooperative Dosimetry Research on NRC Regulation of Light Water Reactors
    Serpan C.

    Reactor Dosimetry and Nuclear Reactor Regulation
    Lois L.

    Improvement of LWR Pressure Vessel Steel Embrittlement Surveillance: 1984–1986 Progress Report on Belgian Activities in Cooperation with USNRC and Other R&D Programs
    Abderrahim H., D'hondt P., Debrue J., Fabry A., Gold R., Kam F., Leenders L., Leeuw S., Leeuw-Gierts G., McElroy W., McGarry E., Menil R., Minsart G., Pachur D., Raedt C., Roberts J., Stallmann F.

    Reactor Dosimetry: Standardization of Procedures and Considerations on Further Development for LWR PV Surveillance in the Federal Republic of Germany
    Alberts W., Schneider W.

    The Light Water Reactor Pressure Vessel Surveillance Dosimetry Improvement Program (LWR-PV-SDIP): Past Accomplishments, Recent Developments, and Future Directions
    Gold R., McElroy W.

    Récente amélioration en dosimétrie de surveillance des cuves dans les réacteurs en construction de l'Electricité de France
    Bevilacqua A., Brillaud C., DuQuesne H., Hedin F., Lloret R.

    Recent Improvement in Vessel Surveillance Dosimetry for the Electricité de France Reactors under Construction
    Bevilacqua A., Brillaud C., DuQuesne H., Hedin F., Lloret R.

    U.S. Utility's Experience with Surveillance Dosimetry
    Grant S.

    Interactions Between Fluence Variations and Material Properties Data for Large Surveillance Capsules
    Lowe A., Snidow N.

    Nuclear Plant Life Extension
    Negin C.

    Surveillance Neutron Dosimetry at the Hungarian Nuclear Power Plant
    Divós F., Zsolnay &.

    Analysis of First Pressure Vessel Surveillance Capsule from Kršsko Nuclear Power Plant
    Glumac B., Kodeli I., Loose A., Najžer M., Remec I.

    Experimental and Theoretical Neutron Flux Estimations at the Surveillance Chain, at the Pressure Vessel Inner Surface, and in the Cavity of a WER-440 PWR
    Bäars L., Serén T., Wasastjerna F.

    Experimental Validation of Neutron Calculations for WWER Pressure Vessel Neutron Exposure Evaluation
    Černýy K., Brodkin E., Holman M., Khrustalev A., Maărík P., Moryakov A., Ošmera B., Racek J., Rataj J., Turzík Z., Vychytil F., Zaritskii S.

    Pressure Vessel Neutron Dosimetry at Three Pressurized Water Reactor Plants Using Niobium Monitors
    Cogburn C., Hodgson L., Williams J.

    Application of Ex-Vessel Neutron Dosimetry for Determination of Vessel Fluence
    Anderson S., Fero A., Lippincott E.

    Description of the Babcock & Wilcox Owners Group Cavity Dosimetry Benchmark Experiment
    King S.

    Neutron Exposure of Gundremmingen-A Pressure Vessel Trepans
    Prillinger G.

    Solid-State Track Recorder Pressure Vessel Surveillance Neutron Dosimetry at Commercial Light Water Reactors
    Ruddy F., Seidel J.

    Transport Calculation of the Gamma Field in the Ex-Core Region of the KrŠko Pressure Water Reactor
    Glumac B., Kodeli I., Najžer M.

    Remote Gamma-Ray Mapping: Nuclear Installation Remote Activity Location Device
    Simonet G.

    Neutron Sensitivity of LiF Chip Gamma Dosimeters at Megagray Doses
    Gilliam D., Hocken D., Humphreys J., Lamaze G.

    High Absorbed Dose (104 to 108 Gy) Gamma Dosimeters Based on Organic Conductors:Tests Performed in the Irradiation Plant of Reactor Osiris
    Ardonceau J., Balian P., Simonet G., Zuppiroli L.

    Nuclear Data for the Use of Niobium as Neutron Fluence Monitor
    Alberts W., Schötzig U., Siegert H.

    Measurement of the 93Nb(n,n′) Fission Spectrum Cross Section
    Ayers T., Hammersten W., Lamaze G., Schima F., Williamson T.

    Measurements of Fission Spectrum Averaged Cross Sections for the 93Nb(n,n′)93mNb Reaction
    Apple S., Baker J., Cogburn C., Gehrke R., Hodgson L., Lamaze G., McGarry E., Rogers J., Schima F., Wheeler F., Williams J.

    Measurement of 93mNb for Fast Neutron Metrology
    Fudge A., McCrohon R., Plested M.

    Development of the Be(d,n) Neutron Source for Cross-Section Investigations in the Few-MeV Energy Range
    Greenwood L., Guenther P., Meadows J., Smith D.

    Nuclear Data Problems Encountered in Reactor Neutron Metrology
    Debertin K., Zijp W.

    A Review of Photofission Measurements
    Williamson T.

    Integral Test of Cross Sections for 54Fe(n,p)54Mn Reaction in JENDL-3T
    Sakurai K.

    Power Reactor Neutron Dosimetry: Experimental Estimate of the Influences Due to Local Changes in Core Configuration and Gamma-Induced Reactions
    Alloggio G., Borioli E., Brega E., Cesana A., Sandrelli G., Terrani M.

    Review of the NESTOR Shielding and Dosimetry Improvement Programme (NESDIP)
    Butler J., Carter M., Curl I., Miller P., Packwood A., Power S.

    Power Reactor Benchmark Studies
    Lippincott E., McElroy W.

    Diffusion Theory Calculations for the Pin-Wise Power Distribution in VENUS-I and VENUS-II
    Chowdhury P., Kam F., Marshall G., Williams M.

    Light-Water Reactor Radial Shield Benchmark Studies of the NESTOR Shielding and Dosimetry Improvement Programme (NESDIP)
    Carter M., Curl I., Miller P., Packwood A.

    Neutron Spectrum Measurements in SEG-V Benchmark System
    Hansen W., Ošmera B., Racek J., Turźik Z., Vogel W.

    Status of Cf-252 Neutron Spectrum as a Standard
    Mannhart W.

    Nuclear Research Emulsion Measurements and the Observation of Proportional Counter Perturbation Factors in VENUS-1
    DeLeeuw G., Fabry A., Gold R., Leenders L., Preston C., Roberts J.

    Calibration Problems in the Direct Measurement of Radiation Absorbed Dose
    Bainbridge N., Heffer P., Mason J.

    Neutronic Study of a PAHR Irradiation Experiment in BR2
    D'hondt P., De Raedt C., Debrue J., Fouarge L., Joly C.

    Results of a Neutron Flux Perturbation Experiment with Babcock & Wilcox Owners Group Surveillance Capsules
    Hassler L., Snidow N.

    Determination of Neutron Exposure in the Buffalo Reactor
    Hawthorne J., Lippincott E., Rogers J.

    A Contribution to the Theory of Reactor Pressure Vessel Dosimetry
    Shalitin D., Wagschal J., Yeivin Y.

    Application of LEPRICON Methodology to LWR Pressure Vessel Surveillance Dosimetry
    Maerker R.

    On the Problems Encountered in Activation Spectrometry and Subsequent Radiation Damage Predictions
    Nolthenius H., Szondi E., Zijp W., Zsolnay &.

    Unfolding and Radiation Damage Prediction with and without a priori Information
    Matzke M.

    Role of Covariances in Reactor Dosimetry
    Goulo V.

    Experience In the Design of Irradiation Rigs for the Harwell D20 Moderated Materials Testing Reactors
    Constantine G.

    Derivation of Neutron Exposure Parameters from Threshold Detector Measurements
    Grundl J.

    Neutron Spectrum Adjustment with SANDII Using Arbitrary Trial Functions
    Kelly J.

    High Energy Neutron Dosimetry (European Survey)
    Alberts W., Cesana A., D'hondt P., Dierckx R., Hegedüs F., Jarvis O., Matthes W., Sangiust V., Syme B., Terrani M.

    The U.S. Fusion Materials Program: Status and Directions
    Doran D.

    High Energy Neutron Dosimetry of a Spallation Neutron Source
    Green S., Green W., Hegedüs F., Herrnberger V., Stiefel U., Stiller P., Victoria M.

    Dosimetry for a Radiation Damage Experiment in a Spallation Neutron Source
    Cesana A., Dierckx R., Sangiust V., Terrani M.

    Measurement of Long-Lived Radionuclides in Fusion Materials
    Bowers D., Greenwood L.

    Helium Production in Mixed-Spectrum Fission Reactors
    Greenwood L., Kneff D., Oliver B., Skowronski R.

    Observation of Pulsed Neutron Fields with Solid-State Track Recorders
    Clark D., Gold R., McElroy W., Morgan J., Preston C., Ramos R., Redhead D., Roberts J.

    Status Report on NRC/MEA Dose Rate Experiments in the Buffalo Reactor
    Hawthorne J.

    European Workshop on Radiation Damage Correlations and Dosimetry
    Alberman A., Dierckx R.

    Design and Use of the Embrittlement Data Base (EDB)
    Stallmann F.

    Détermination de fonctions de dommages pour les matériaux polyatomiques irradiées en réacteurs de recherche
    Alberman A., Lesueur D.

    Determination of Damage Functions for Polyatomic Materials Irradiated in Research Reactors
    Alberman A., Lesueur D.

    Evaluation of Radiation-Damage Cross Sections for (Homogeneous) Amorphous Structure Materials
    Matthes W.

    SPECOMP Calculations of Radiation Damage in Compounds
    Greenwood L.

    Determination of Gamma-Ray-Induced Displacement Rates
    Doran D., Gold R., Roberts J.

    Constant Chemistry Analysis (CCA) Approach to Predicting Transition Temperature Shift in Pressure Vessel Steels under Neutron Irradiation
    Maricchiolo C., Milella P., Pini A.

    Neutron Dosimetry Materials Used in European Community Countries
    Audenhove J., Fudge A., Pauwels J.

    Fast Neutron Dosimetry by Means of Fission Foils
    D'hondt P., Fabry A.

    Application of Boron Covers for Neutron Spectrum Determination Purposes in Various Neutron Environments
    Alloggio G., Brega E., Nolthenius H., Végh J., Zijp W.

    Intercomparison of Activity Measurements in Different Laboratories on a Set of Monitor Foils Irradiated in a Spallation Neutron Spectrum
    Alberts W., Cesana A., D'hondt P., Dierckx R., Hegedüs F.

    Use of Sapphire as a Neutron Damage Monitor for Pressure Vessel Steels
    Fudge A., Murphy M., Pells G., Watt S.

    Correction of Burn-In Effects in Fission Neutron Dosimeters
    Gold R., McElroy W.

    Analysis of Solid-State Track Recorders with the Westinghouse Research and Development Center Automated Track Counter
    Manhardt A., Ruddy F., Seidel J.

    Preparation of Ultra High Purity Niobium for Monitoring Neutron Fluence
    Akiyama T., Nishizawa K., Sudo H., Sugimori M.

    Spectrum Measurements on Filtered Neutron Beams for Medical Applications
    Brenen A., Constantine G., Moore P., Perks C.

    Analysis of Neutron Emission on PWR Spent Fuel Assemblies for Burn-Up Assessment
    Debrue J., Minsart G., Raedt C.

    Self-Powered Neutron Detectors for Measuring Epithermal Neutron Flux
    Agu M., Petitcolas H.

    Neutron Sensitivity of Prompt-Response Self-Powered Neutron Detectors and the Interval Rule
    Carmo Lopes M., Molina Avila J.

    Electron Spectral Contribution of Prompt-Response Self-Powered Neutron Detectors
    Carmo Lopes M., Molina Avila J.

    Measurements and Model Predictions for Improved Microcalorimeter Design
    Bainbridge N., Mason J., Peerless S.

    Calibration of a Neutron-Driven Gamma-Ray Source
    Gilliam D., Lamaze G., Williamson T.

    Personnel Neutron Dosimetry Area Monitoring Using Solid-State Track Recorders
    Ruddy F.


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    DOI: 10.1520/STP1001-EB

    ISBN-EB: 978-0-8031-5069-0

    ISBN-13: 978-0-8031-1184-4

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