Correlation of Notched: Unnotched Tensile Ratios with Tensile Fatigue Properties of Complex Welded Joints in High-Strength 300 Series Stainless Steels at Cryogenic Temperatures

    Published: Jan 1962

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    The notched: unnotched tensile ratios (Kt=6.3) and the cycles to failure in tension fatigue tests at constant stress of complex welded joints were determined for 301, 301-N, and 310 stainless steel sheet in the extra-full-hard condition at temperatures of 70, −320, and −423 F. Decreases in the notched: unnotched tensile ratio were correlated with decreases in the number of cycles to failure in tension fatigue tests. This correlation reflects similar conditions of stress concentration around the notch in the base metal samples, and around the outer row of spot welds in the welded joint where fracture initiated. In tests of 301 stainless steel sheet cold rolled about 60 per cent, a decrease in the notched: unnotched tensile ratio between −320 and −423 F was accompanied by a sharp decrease in the number of cycles to failure in the complex welded joint. The 301-N cold-rolled steel exhibited similar behavior between 70 and −320 F. In contrast, type 310 stainless steel cold rolled 75 per cent retained at −423 F a notched:unnotched ratio in excess of 1.0, accompanied by excellent fatigue life. The data demonstrate that simple tension tests can be used to predict the behavior of complex welded joints in tension fatigue tests.

    Author Information:

    Watson, J. F.
    Convair-Astronautics, San Diego, Calif

    Christian, J. L.
    Convair-Astronautics, San Diego, Calif

    Tanalski, T. T.
    Convair-Astronautics, San Diego, Calif

    Hurlich, A.
    Convair-Astronautics, San Diego, Calif

    Committee/Subcommittee: A01.13

    DOI: 10.1520/STP49624S

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