STP167: Technical Problems Associated with Diesel Fuels in Contractors' Equipment

    Vollentine, J. W.
    Staff Engineer, Caterpillar Tractor Co., Peoria, Ill.

    Pages: 3    Published: Jan 1954


    The contractors in this country generally have no operating conditions with diesel fuels which can be considered to constitute a field problem. Occasionally, however, annoying incidents occur which are the result of fuel characteristics or unsatisfactory fuel handling. The contractor is interested primarily in the following items which are in whole or in part affected by diesel fuels: 1. Engine starting, 2. Fuel handling, 3. Fuel injection equipment wear, 4. Piston, ring, and cylinder liner wear, 5. Engine maintenance, and 6. Fuel cost. The fuel characteristics which influence these items of operation will be considered here, as well as some characteristics that are considered to be relatively unimportant.

    Paper ID: STP48308S

    Committee/Subcommittee: D02.E0

    DOI: 10.1520/STP48308S

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