STP437: Vapor Space Corrosion Inhibition of Steam Turbine Lubricating and Cleaning Oils

    Layne, R. P.
    Chemical engineer, Naval Ship Research and Development Center, Annapolis, Md.

    Pages: 20    Published: Jan 1968


    A dynamic bench-scale apparatus was developed based on the applicable portions of the ASTM-ASME recommended turbine lubricating system design practices. This apparatus was shown to be capable of simulating the vapor space rusting frequently encountered in the sumps and bearing oil return lines of shipboard turbines. Operating conditions were selected to simulate those of operating turbines with respect to oil quantity, circulation rates, and temperature, and to provide a severe air and moisture environment for evaluating the effectiveness of vapor space rust inhibitors (VSI). It was shown that this apparatus can determine the relative effectiveness of vapor space rust protection offered by vapor space inhibitors in turbine lubricating and cleaning oils, and can expose possible material incompatibility problems in these oils. Three VSI turbine lubricating oils show promise for use in shipboard turbine systems.


    corrosion, lubrication, turbine, turbine oils, cleaning oils

    Paper ID: STP45878S

    Committee/Subcommittee: D02.09

    DOI: 10.1520/STP45878S

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