A Review of Engine Oil Oxidation Bench Tests and Their Application in the Screening of New Antioxidant Systems for Low Phosphorus Engine Oils

    Published: Jan 2008

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    A review of current oxidation and deposit bench tests used for the evaluation of engine oil performance will be presented. Some of the more meaningful tests will be utilized to evaluate a number of antioxidant systems for oxidation and deposit control capabilities in engine oils formulated with 470 ppm of ZDDP-derived phosphorus. The antioxidant components are selected from a series of commonly used and commercially available materials plus one new developmental component. These components include an organo-molybdenum compound (MoDTC), an alkylated diphenylamine (NDPA), a conventional hindered phenolic (HPE), a high performance hindered phenolic (MBDTBP), and a new multi-functional boronated MBDTBP. The performance of these fully formulated engine oils will be ranked in the selected bench tests in order to highlight the benefits of each antioxidant system under evaluation. The results point to significant benefits with the molybdenum- and boronated-systems, or mixed molybdenum-/boronated-systems, for oxidation control, while systems containing NDPA and MBDTBP are favored more for deposit control. Unique and superior performing antioxidant systems will be recommended for screening in fired engine and bench wear tests.


    oxidation, viscosity increase, stabilization, deposits, antioxidants, engine oil, bench tests

    Author Information:

    Gatto, Vincent
    Albemarle Corporation, Baton Rouge, LA

    Moehle, William
    Albemarle Corporation, Baton Rouge, LA

    Schneller, Emily
    Albemarle Corporation, Baton Rouge, LA

    Burris, Thalan
    Albemarle Corporation, Baton Rouge, LA

    Cobb, Tyler
    Albemarle Corporation, Baton Rouge, LA

    Featherstone, Mark
    Albemarle Corporation, Baton Rouge, LA

    Committee/Subcommittee: D02.09

    DOI: 10.1520/STP45580S

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