STP491: Improve System Contamination Control and Increase System Efficiency

    Duncan, J. P.
    Section chief, systems, Abex Corporation, Columbus, Ohio

    Pages: 5    Published: Jan 1971


    This paper presents a manufacturer's view of the critical areas regarding contamination control based on our experience with both hydraulic components and systems. Fluid contamination is a leading contributor to reduced system efficiency, and its control should be given consideration during system design. Contamination sources and the acceptable contamination levels are presented in addition to the types of contamination normally encountered. The ratings and location of filters in the system are discussed, and a brief outline for a maintenance program is included at the end of the paper.


    hydraulic equipment, maintenance, decontamination, hydraulic fluids, oil filters, contaminants, cleaning, efficiency, evaluation, particle size

    Paper ID: STP44725S

    Committee/Subcommittee: D02.06

    DOI: 10.1520/STP44725S

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