STP347: Composition as Related to Manufacturing and Weathering of Roofing Asphalt

    Corbett, L. W.
    Esso Research and Engineering Co., Linden, N. J.

    Swarbrick, R. E.
    Esso Research and Engineering Co., Linden, N. J.

    Pages: 9    Published: Jan 1964


    Asphalt composition, as revealed by a separation technique giving paraffins plus naphthenes, three aromatic oil fractions, and asphaltenes, varies with crude oil source and with method of manufacture. This composition has a direct bearing on the asphalt's physical and chemical properties. By comparing properties of reconstituted asphalt, made with two fractions at a time, the influence of each fraction is illustrated. The influence of composition on weathering qualities of a roofing asphalt is also brought out by separately increasing the content of each aromatic oil and the paraffin plus naphthene fraction in the asphalt. Aromatic oils tend to increase weathering resistance, and the paraffins plus naphthenes have the opposite effect.

    Paper ID: STP44533S

    Committee/Subcommittee: D08.02

    DOI: 10.1520/STP44533S

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