Ammonia and Mercury Stress-cracking Tests for Brass

    Published: Jan 1945

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    Brass is liable to failure under the combined influence of stress, certain corrosion media, and time, a phenomenon commonly termed season cracking or stress-corrosion cracking. The consequences of this are serious in applications of brass generally, including the important field of cartridge cases. Cartridge cases (70 Cu:3o Zn) that fail from this cause may allow the escape of gas from the gun breech, a hazard to the shooter, and may not eject, thus temporarily putting the gun out of action. In loaded cartridge cases, the stress present is partly residual from the drawing and necking operations and partly applied by the insertion of the projectile. Ammonia, present as a decomposition product of smokeless powder, air and moisture constitute corrosive media.

    Author Information:

    Edmunds, Gerald
    The New Jersey Zinc Co. (of Pa.), Palmerton, Pa

    Anderson, E. A.
    The New Jersey Zinc Co. (of Pa.), Palmerton, Pa

    Waring, R. K.
    The New Jersey Zinc Co. (of Pa.), Palmerton, Pa

    Committee/Subcommittee: B05.06

    DOI: 10.1520/STP42563S

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