STP456: Pavement Dynamic Permeability Testing

    Hutchinson, J. W.
    University of Kentucky, Lexington, Kentucky

    Kao, T. Y.
    University of Kentucky, Lexington, Kentucky

    Pendley, L. C.
    University of Kentucky, Lexington, Kentucky

    Pages: 18    Published: Jan 1969


    Skid resistance of wet pavement surfaces decreases with speed as hydrodynamic pressure builds up under vehicle tires. Porous pavements have previously been tested for their effectiveness in preventing this hydrodynamic reduction in tire-pavement friction. It is suggested that factors associated with fluid inertia and flow velocities encountered at the tire pavement interface are not accounted for in pavement static permeability tests. The difference between static and dynamic permeability is discussed and illustrated. A testing device of the type needed in predetermining pavement surface hydrodynamic drainage characteristics is described.


    porous pavement, permeability, hydrodynamic drainage, skid resistance

    Paper ID: STP41837S

    Committee/Subcommittee: E17.21

    DOI: 10.1520/STP41837S

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