STP538: Cleaning Heat Exchanger Tubing in Industry with the M.A.N. Automatic On-Load Tube Brushing System

    Wegscheider, J. J.
    Tube cleaning system specialist, American M. A. N. Corporation, New York, N. Y.

    Pages: 5    Published: Jan 1937


    The beneficial aspects of cleaning stainless steel condenser and other heat exchanger tubing are well known. Chemical or manual cleaning, which is usually performed after tubes have become dirty, requires a complete or partial plant shutdown, and both of these methods are rather inefficient. This paper describes an automatic, in-service, mechanical tube brushing system that assures positive, uniform, daily cleaning of all tubes. For example, even 40 000 condenser tubes can be cleaned in 1 min. This cleaning system can be applied to condensers and other heat exchangers in conventional or nuclear power plants, as well as other industries such as steel mills, refineries, large central air-conditioning installations, etc., and it assures highest heat transfer rates at all times.


    stainless steels, cleaning, heat exchangers, tubes, nuclear power plants, condensers

    Paper ID: STP41388S

    Committee/Subcommittee: D12.16

    DOI: 10.1520/STP41388S

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