Application of the Cone-Plate Viscometer to Non-Newtonian Systems

    Published: Jan 1962

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    Many petroleum products are both non-Newtonian (the shear stress versus shear rate relation is nonlinear) and thixotropic (the viscosity is work- or time-dependent). Greases and waxy lubricating oils, especially those containing polymeric additives, at low temperatures are examples of materials which show this dual complexity. Viscometers for such materials must be able to reach well-defined shear stresses and shear rates and should permit control of the work history of the sample up to the time of measurement, with minimum interference from temperature or edge or end effects. Because of its design and construction, the thin-film cone-plate viscometer meets these requirements. Preliminary results with this viscometer indicate that it will prove to be especially well suited for measuring the low-temperature viscosities of waxy lubricating oils. It gives results which correlate with engine cold-cranking performance.

    Author Information:

    Forster, E. O.
    Esso Research and Engineering Co., Linden, N. J.

    Horowitz, H. H.
    Esso Research and Engineering Co., Linden, N. J.

    Committee/Subcommittee: D02.07

    DOI: 10.1520/STP41258S

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