Graded Index Coatings of Cubic Thallium Iodide (TLI) and Lead Fluoride (PbF 2)

    Published: Jan 1979

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    We present a new technique for producing graded index films from alternating very thin layers of two materials. During deposition the thickness of the layers is adjusted so that the resulting average index matches the index of the profile for that total thickness. This method shows great promise for making films with any desired complicated index profile in a very straightforward manner. Results are presented for graded index AR films near 10µm made from TℓI and PbF 2. The lO.µm absorption of these films was similar to that of discrete, multilayer AR films composed of the same materials.


    Thin films, Thallium Iodide, Lead Fluoride, graded index, polymorphism

    Author Information:

    Moravec, TJ
    Honeywell Corporate Material Sciences Center, Bloomington, Minnesota

    Skogman, RA
    Honeywell Corporate Material Sciences Center, Bloomington, Minnesota

    Paper ID: STP39124S

    Committee/Subcommittee: F01.02

    DOI: 10.1520/STP39124S

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