STP673: Techniques for Investigating the Role of Anaerobic Bacteria in Estuarine Sediments

    Parkes, RJ
    Marischal College, University,

    Bryder, MJ
    Marischal College, University,

    Madden, RH
    Marischal College, University,

    Poole, NJ
    Marischal College, University,

    Pages: 12    Published: Jan 1979


    Techniques for investigating the anoxic sediments of shallow estuaries are described that are based on a simple coring technique that allows analysis without removal of the sediment from its core tube and minimizes oxygenation. Methods for the enumeration of anaerobic bacteria and for determining Eh, pH, pS2-, and the activity of sulfate-reducing bacteria are described in detail. The results from an investigation of a polluted estuary, using these methods, are presented in order to demonstrate the applicability of the proposed methods to investigations of anoxic sediments.


    estuarine, anoxic sediments, coring method, anaerobic bacteria, Eh, pH, pS, 2-, bacterial activity, seasonal variations

    Paper ID: STP38144S

    Committee/Subcommittee: D19.07

    DOI: 10.1520/STP38144S

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