STP534: Corrosion Standards and Control in the Telephone Industry

    Schick, G
    Bell Telephone Laboratories, Whippany, N.J.

    Pages: 26    Published: Jan 1973


    The discussion of corrosion and corrosion protection in the telephone industry requires the division of the telephone plant into two major areas: outside plant and central office equipment. The outside plant, which includes all the cables, closures, hardware, radio towers, etc., requires relatively advanced corrosive degradation before it stops functioning properly. It is also the part of the plant which is the most exposed to the corrosive environment. Central office equipment on the other hand is always located in a building and exposed to a relatively controlled environment. However, technological advances have resulted in the development of sophisticated components, usually small in size, and this has led to closer component spacings, with separable electrical contacts having lower contact forces and voltages than previously possible. In this type of equipment even microgram quantities of corrosion products can result in premature failure.

    Paper ID: STP37900S

    Committee/Subcommittee: G01.04

    DOI: 10.1520/STP37900S

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