STP791: Transient Model I and Mixed-Mode Stress-Intensity Factors During Elastic Crack-Wave Interaction

    Rossmanith, HP
    Associate professor, Istitute of Mechanics, Technical University of Vienna, Vienna,

    Shukla, A
    Assistant professor, University of Rhode Island, Kingston, R.I.

    Pages: 26    Published: Jan 1983


    A detailed experimental photoelastic investigation of the history of dynamic Mode I and apparent mixed-mode stress-intensity factor during the passage of elastic stress waves over the crack tip is presented. Experimental recordings of isochromatic fringe pattern about static and moving crack tips permit the determination of the history of the complex stress-intensity factor K = K1iK2 which is associated with a mixed-mode crack stress loading.

    A first cracking time and a first branching time problem is formulated for stationary and moving cracks. The dependence of the local state of stress at the crack tip on the rate of change of the overall stress field is discussed.


    dynamic photoelasticity, stress waves, wave diffraction, crack propagation, fracture mechanics, stress-intensity factor, mixed-mode crack loading

    Paper ID: STP37069S

    Committee/Subcommittee: E08.08

    DOI: 10.1520/STP37069S

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