STP546: Mechanical and Physical Properties of Advanced Composites

    Freeman, WT
    Hercules, Inc., CumberlandWilmington, Md.Del.

    Kuebeler, GC
    Hercules, Inc., CumberlandWilmington, Md.Del.

    Pages: 22    Published: Jan 1974


    The mechanical and physical properties of graphite, glass, PRD-49, and boron epoxy composites are compared with today's commonly used industrial materials to illustrate the many unique design alternatives available with advanced composite materials. Mechanical properties and the fatigue, creep, impact, thermal expansion, thermal conductivity, specific heat, electrical properties, wear, and friction characteristics of the materials are summarized. The purpose of each comparison is to show where performance improvements can be achieved by replacing present materials with advanced composite materials.

    Cost advantages in the use of these materials are briefly discussed. Increased performance, increased productivity, longer service life, and less component maintenance should outweigh today's higher material costs of advanced composites.


    composite materials, composites, graphite, mechanical properties, thermodynamic properties, high performance materials, fatigue, creep, impact, wear

    Paper ID: STP35503S

    Committee/Subcommittee: D30.08

    DOI: 10.1520/STP35503S

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