STP516: Exfoliation Corrosion of Aluminum Alloys

    Ketcham, SJ
    Headmetallurgist, Naval Air Development Center, Warminster, Pa.

    Shaffer, IS
    Headmetallurgist, Naval Air Development Center, Warminster, Pa.

    Pages: 14    Published: Jan 1972


    This paper is a general review of the subject of exfoliation corrosion of aluminum alloys summarizing both published and unpublished work. Present thinking on mechanisms is presented. Susceptible alloys and the corrosive environments in which exfoliation occurs are discussed, as well as effect of varying degrees of exfoliation on static and dynamic fatigue strength of 7075-T6 and on life of an actual aircraft structure.

    Protective coatings and special heat treatments to minimize exfoliation are discussed.


    corrosion, exfoliation corrosion, aluminum alloys, grain structures, plastic deformation, corrosion tests, salt spray tests, fatigue (materials), accelerated tests

    Paper ID: STP35413S

    Committee/Subcommittee: G01.14

    DOI: 10.1520/STP35413S

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