STP782: Effects of Fast Neutron Irradiation on the Fracture Behavior of Stainless Steel

    Huang, FH
    Senior Scientist, Westinghouse Handford Company, Richland, WA

    Fish, RL
    Senior Engineer, Westinghouse Hanford Company, Richland, WA

    Pages: 19    Published: Jan 1982


    Tensile tests were performed on notched and unnotched 20 percent cold worked Type 316 stainless steel specimens sectioned from EBR-II duct thimbles. The test results show that the notch sensitivity of irradiated specimens is slightly temperature and neutron fluence dependent and that the material is notch weakened at 600°C. A transition was observed from notch strengthening at low fluences to notch weakening for specimens irradiated to fluences greater than 4 × 1022 n/cm2 (E >0.1 MeV). In addition, the results of the notch tensile tests were used to estimate the ductile fracture toughness of 20 percent cold worked Type 316 stainless steel duct irradiated to a fluence of 7.8 × 1022 n/cm2 (E >0.1 MeV). The influence of irradiation temperature on the strength and ductility of notched specimens is also discussed.


    irradiation, stainless steel, notch effect, tensile strength, ductility, fracture toughness, J-integral

    Paper ID: STP34374S

    Committee/Subcommittee: E10.08

    DOI: 10.1520/STP34374S

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