STP435: Corrosion Rates of Mild Steel in Coastal, Industrial, and Inland Areas of Northern California

    Thomas, HE
    Pacific Gas and Electric Co., Emeryville, Calif.

    Alderson, HN
    Pacific Gas and Electric Co., Emeryville, Calif.

    Pages: 12    Published: Jan 1968


    The corrosion rate of mild steel specimens was determined at 15 sites in Northern California. Weight loss with time was measured. These sites included coastal, marine, bay, and steam-geyser areas. The methods of specimen preparation, corrosion product removal, and exposure location details are covered. The repeatability of the tests was checked and found to be good at two locations, and the agreement with ASTM results at the Point Reyes exposure test site was reasonably good.


    atmospheric corrosion tests, mild steel corrosion rates, corrosion site calibration, steel

    Paper ID: STP34082S

    Committee/Subcommittee: G01.04

    DOI: 10.1520/STP34082S

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