STP795: Package Development from the Pesticide Industry Viewpoint

    McGreevy, JP
    Research chemist, Mobay Chemical Corp., Agricultural Chemicals Division, Research and Development Department, Kansas City, Mo.

    Pages: 4    Published: Jan 1983


    An outline of the general activities and concerns associated with package development for agricultural chemicals is given: Storage stability studies are initiated at accelerated and normal warehouse conditions, with the prospective product packaged in various candidate containers. Subsequent chemical and physical evaluations are conducted. Compatibility with materials of construction of application equipment is examined. Various pieces of laboratory test equipment, used in package development and later for quality control, are discussed. The impact of future performance-oriented package specifications, instead of current U.S. Department of Transportation detailed construction requirements, is considered. The use of the laboratory transportation simulator is outlined. Palletization and various packaging regulations are important aspects of package development. The end result of various tests and considerations is a satisfactory specification and package.


    chemical stability, physical stability, package compatibility, application equipment compatibility, test equipment, quality control, package specifications, transportation simulator, palletization, regulations, pesticides

    Paper ID: STP31783S

    Committee/Subcommittee: E35.22

    DOI: 10.1520/STP31783S

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