STP760: Comprehensive Evaluation of the Abandoned LiPari Landfill

    Gominger, D
    Executive vice president, Maruzen Fine Chemicals, Inc., Moorestown, N.J.

    Lyon, DA
    Biologist, University of Pennsylvania, Mussel Institute, Philadelphia, Pa.

    Pages: 8    Published: Jan 1981


    The object of this program is to evaluate the present hazards at an abandoned landfill and to determine if an abatement program is feasible. This is the first time in the United States that such a program has been attempted. The site has been chosen for this type of study because of its size, the health hazard it presents to the residents, and the damage the leachate has done to the Chestnut Branch stream and Alcyon Lake. Testing of ambient air, groundwater, and fish flesh was conducted.


    LiPari landfill, leachate, 2-bis-dichloroethylether (BCEE), air, groundwater, fish

    Paper ID: STP28844S

    Committee/Subcommittee: D34.01

    DOI: 10.1520/STP28844S

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