On-Road Test Facility for Truck Tire Rolling Resistance and Bearing Losses Measurements

    Published: Jan 1983

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    A rig has been designed and built for the on-road measurements of rolling resistance and bearing friction losses for free-rolling tires of large trucks. The rig comprises a force bridge, axle, suspension, and two sets of dual wheel assemblies mounted on a 13.7-m (45 ft) flatbed trailer which is towed at normal highway speeds. The rig is designed to be used over a wide range of ambient temperature conditions as well as road surface types. The tire cavity temperatures are monitored and the tire inflation pressures are regulated through a slipring and rotary seal assembly. A quick-lift auxiliary axle is also mounted on the trailer for transporting the rig when no measurements are being made as well as for braking and other safety reasons. The outputs of six load cells, two inclinometers, and a tangent angle-rolling radius device are used to automatically determine the rolling resistance forces, bearing moments, and the vertical and transverse tire loads. Instantaneous values of these outputs and the outputs of temperature and pressure sensors can be monitored during testing and are recorded on an on-board computerized data acquisition system for further data reduction.

    Preliminary on-road testing has demonstrated that the force bridge is highly sensitive and the values of rolling resistance and bearing moment are of the right magnitude.


    truck tire rolling resistance, bearing moment losses, road surface, force bridge, data acquisition system, tires

    Author Information:

    Bosik, AJ
    Senior engineer and vice president, Davis Engineering Ltd., Consulting Engineers, Ottawa, Ont.

    Lougheed, JH
    Senior engineer and vice president, Davis Engineering Ltd., Consulting Engineers, Ottawa, Ont.

    Committee/Subcommittee: F09.20

    DOI: 10.1520/STP28520S

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