STP958: Influence of Temperature and Pressure on the Explosion Characteristics of Dust/Air and Dust/Air/Inert Gas Mixtures

    Wiemann, W
    Diplom-Physiker, Westfälische Berggewerkschaftskasse, Bergbau-Versuchsstrecke, Dortmund-14,

    Pages: 12    Published: Jan 1987


    The explosion characteristics of dusts change with the initial temperature. The maximum explosion pressure, the lower explosion limit, and the oxygen limit concentration decrease as the initial temperature rises. The normalized pressure rise rate (KSt value) does not show as clearly the influence of initial temperature. The explosion characteristics of dusts also change with the initial pressure. As the initial pressure is increased, there is a proportional increase of the maximum explosion pressure, the KSt value, and the lower explosion limit. The initial pressure rise also leads to a small decrease of the oxygen limit concentration.


    dusts, explosion characteristics, maximum explosion pressure, rate of pressure rise, KSt, value, lower explosion limit, oxygen limit concentration, influence of pressure, influence of temperature

    Paper ID: STP28164S

    Committee/Subcommittee: E27.05

    DOI: 10.1520/STP28164S

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