STP739: Controlling Quality of Ferroalloys and Alloying Additives in the Manufacture of Nickel Alloys for Nuclear Applications

    Stryker, RS
    Quality services administrator, Huntington Alloys, Inc., Huntington, W. Va.

    Pages: 6    Published: Jan 1981


    Nickel alloys supplied to the nuclear industry must meet strict requirements for quality and traceability of constituents. Ensuring that end products meet those requirements involves careful control of the raw materials used in melting the alloys. Especially important is an effective system of quality control for purchasing and consuming ferroalloys and alloying additives. Development and operation of such a system requires (1) adequate specifications, (2) good relations with suppliers, (3) an approved-suppliers list, (4) formal receiving inspection, and (5) backup surveillance during processing.


    ferroalloys, alloying, quality control, nickel alloys, raw materials, nuclear applications

    Paper ID: STP27684S

    Committee/Subcommittee: A09.06

    DOI: 10.1520/STP27684S

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