STP1117: Damage Threshold Measurements of Reflective and Transmissive Optics at 130 nm

    Muller, CH
    Spectra Technology, Inc., Bellevue, Washington

    Hamilton, CE
    Spectra Technology, Inc., Bellevue, Washington

    Pages: 1    Published: Jan 1990


    The GLORIA VUV facility at Spectra Technology, Inc. has been used to measure the damage threshold and reflectivity of first surface Al+MgF2 mirrors and second surface MgF2+Al+MgF2 mirrors. The mirrors were illuminated by high power VUV coherent radiation at 130 nm. Mirror reflectivity was monitored for several thousand pulses for each optic studied. Two nanosecond long pulses and energy densities as high as 20 mJ cm-2 were used for the measurements. In addition, measurements of “color center” formation rates in transmissive optics have been obtained. The GLORIA VUV facility, experimental measurement system, and damage results will be discussed in detail.

    Paper ID: STP26507S

    Committee/Subcommittee: E13.15

    DOI: 10.1520/STP26507S

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