STP1192: Investigation of Deposits on Water Pump Seal Faces

    Stafford, RJ
    Senior Engineer, Ceramic Engineering & Tribology, Cummins Engine Co., Inc., Columbus, IN

    Pages: 10    Published: Jan 1993


    Mechanical water pump face seals from heavy duty diesel on-highway engines which were reported to leak were analyzed and were compared to nonleaking seals. The siliconized graphite seal face pairs did not exhibit any significant wear of the faces. Coolant leakage was traced to deposit film build-up, which resulted in separation of the seal faces.

    Analysis of the films by wavelength dispersive spectroscopy revealed elements from the coolant and coolant additives (Si, C, O, S, P, K, Na, B, Mo), corrosion metals from the engine (Fe, Cu, Cr) and hard water elements and contaminants (Ca, Mg, Zn, Al, Mn, Cl). Calcium from hard water and iron from corrosion are believed to accelerate the deposit formation.


    water pump seal, mechanical face seal, face deposit

    Paper ID: STP25167S

    Committee/Subcommittee: D15.11

    DOI: 10.1520/STP25167S

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