STP1190: Comparison of Short-Term and Long-Term Pullout Testing of Geogrid Reinforcements

    Collin, JG
    Vice President, Tensar Earth Technologies, Morrow, GA

    Berg, RR
    Consultant, St. Paul, MN

    Pages: 11    Published: Jan 1993


    Long-term, 1000 hour sustained loading, and quick, strain rate of 1 mm per minute, soil-geogrid pullout was investigated with a laboratory test program. Results of the long-term and quick tests are compared and variations discussed. Geogrids of singular and of composite material manufacture were investigated. The test program was too limited in scope to extract any specific conclusions regarding the geogrids tested. However, differential between quick and sustained test results were significant enough to conclude that additional testing and investigation is warranted.


    geogrids, silt, laboratory testing, pullout, creep

    Paper ID: STP24321S

    Committee/Subcommittee: D35.01

    DOI: 10.1520/STP24321S

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