STP1131: Dynamic Stress-Intensity Factors for Interface Cracks in Layered Media

    Bouden, M
    Research assistant, University of Colorado, Boulder, CO

    Datta, SK
    Professor, University of Colorado, Boulder, CO

    Pages: 15    Published: Jan 1992


    The scattering of elastic waves by interfacial cracks in layered media has been investigated in this paper. A hybrid numerical method is employed for obtaining the solution. This method combines the finite element equations and the Green's function boundary integral representation. Numerical results are presented for the crack opening displacements (COD) and the Mode I and Mode II stress-intensity factors (SIF) as functions of nondimensional frequency when normal and tangential time harmonic line loads are applied on the free surface of the layered medium.


    crack opening displacement, dynamic load, finite element method, Green's function, hybrid method, interface crack, layered medium, resonance, stress-intensity factors, fracture mechanics, fatigue (materials)

    Paper ID: STP23717S

    Committee/Subcommittee: E08.08

    DOI: 10.1520/STP23717S

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