STP1298: Influence of a Mixed Nitrate Solution on the Initiation and Early Growth of Stress Corrosion Cracks in a Low Alloy Steel

    Parkins, RN
    Emeritus Professor of Metallurgy, Herschel Building, University of Newcastle upon Tyne, Newcastle upon Tyne,

    Mirzai, M
    Design Engineer Specialist - Materials, Ontario Hydro, Toronto,

    Pages: 13    Published: Jan 1997


    Constant strain stress corrosion tests, at 50 or 100% yield stress, were conducted on welded nickel steel samples exposed to a mixed nitrate solution for various times. Where grain boundaries intersected the specimen surfaces selective attack was invariably observed, even for relatively short exposure times. Average growth rates for the early stages of cracking showed considerable variability, by about an order of magnitude, for a given test time and point to the importance of replicate tests if appropriate data are to be collected.


    Stress corrosion cracking (SCC), nitrate solution, nickel steel, constant strain tests, crack initiation, early growth, dormant cracks, statistical treatment

    Paper ID: STP19956S

    Committee/Subcommittee: G01.06

    DOI: 10.1520/STP19956S

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