STP1107: Water Infiltration in Hawaii and Ensuing Construction Litigation

    Yanoviak, AC
    architect-planner and construction litigation consultant, Andrew Charles Yanoviak, AIA, Honolulu, Hawaii

    Pages: 19    Published: Jan 1991


    Hawaii has its share of water infiltration problems and remedial repair solutions that have also resulted in significant failures attributed to improper design and construction of exterior building walls. Hawaii also has its share of design and construction lawsuits and apportioned culpability. It is well known that this can be a very expensive way to learn, as it affects profitability. It has become increasingly apparent that in many instances the building codes and standards are minimal at best.


    water infiltration, exterior building walls, lawsuits, materials, products, applications, specifications, design details, building standards, seals and sealants, deficiencies, quality control, testing, technical literature

    Paper ID: STP17704S

    Committee/Subcommittee: E06.55

    DOI: 10.1520/STP17704S

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