Development of an On-Line Expert System: Cycle Chemistry and Demineralizer Operation Advisor

    Published: Jan 1991

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    An on-line expert system for fossil fuel power plants, the Cycle Chemistry and Demineralizer Operation Advisor (CYCLEXPRTtm/DEMINXPRTtm), is being developed as an Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) project. This expert system will assist plant operating personnel in the identification of trends and interpretation of plant chemistry data from both on-line analyzers and laboratory analyses in the context of plant physical conditions and operation. CYCLEXPRT/DEMINXPRT will operate on a microcomputer and will interface with existing plant instrumentation, data acquisition, and/or monitoring systems, which presents a variety of design challenges. Several significant features of this expert system are discussed in this paper, including the design of a modular expert system architecture, design of a consistent user interface, development of a standard specification for information transfer, and application of sensor validation techniques.

    A critical element of this expert system is the validation of sensor information. The importance of QA/QC measures in the interpretation of plant chemistry data is being illustrated dramatically in EPRI Research Project 2712-3, “Monitoring Cycle Water Chemistry at Fossil Plants.” The techniques developed and refined in this research project are being applied in CYCLEXPRT/DEMINXPRT.


    expert systems, cycle chemistry, sensor validation, QA/QC, CYCLEXPRT

    Author Information:

    Sopocy, DM

    Montanus, JA

    Jonas, O

    Rice, JK

    Agogino, A

    Dooley, B

    Divakaruni, SM

    Committee/Subcommittee: D19.05

    DOI: 10.1520/STP17288S

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