STP1268: Dearomatized Tailor-made Hydrocarbon Fluids in Co-Adjuvants or Adjuvants in Tank Mixes

    Frisch, PD
    Senior Staff Chemist, Intermediates Technology, Exxon Chemical Company, Baytown, Texas

    Verbelen, RA
    Research Associate, Intermediates Technology, Exxon Chemical Europe Inc., Machelen,

    Pages: 10    Published: Jan 1996


    Specific dearomatized hydrocarbon fractions with boiling ranges between 220 and 310°C can significantly increase the performance of active ingredients in certain herbicides, fungicides and insecticides when they are incorporated, in combination with surfactants, in the formulations (co-adjuvants) or used as adjuvants in tank mixes.

    With the help of these tailor-made fluids, the biological activity of the active ingredients can be improved or modified. Efficacy is significantly increased and other important physico-chemical characteristics; such as, application properties, volatility versus penetration and mode of action, can be modified. The adjustment of these parameters adds formulation flexibility, increases activity which results in cost savings (less pesticide is required per hectare) and environmental benefits (reduction of undesirable residues).

    To demonstrate these benefits, two specific pesticides were selected: an insecticide (new generation of pyrethroid) and an herbicide (diphenyl ether family). These active ingredients were then formulated using these tailor-made dearomatized hydrocarbon fluids, other coformulants and specific surfactants and their performance assessed in green house and field trials. Comparisons with other established adjuvants are included where available.


    adjuvants, co-adjuvants, fluids, herbicide, hydrocarbon, insecticide, solvents

    Paper ID: STP16043S

    Committee/Subcommittee: E35.22

    DOI: 10.1520/STP16043S

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