Comparison of Various Test Methods for Assessing the Long Term Fluid Migration Potential for Sealants

    Published: Jan 1998

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    Thirteen commercially available construction sealants were evaluated according to variations of ASTM C 1248 fluid migration tests. All sealant specimens were compressed by 50% during the exposure period. A first set of sealants was subjected in the compressed state to the exposure conditions described in ASTM C-1248, namely (a- and a-2) 14 days and 28 days at ambient laboratory conditions, (b-1 and b-2) 14 days and 28 days at 70 C in a forced draft oven, and (c-1 and c-2) 14 days and 28 days in an ultraviolet fluorescent test chamber (Q-U-V Weather-o-meter) with UVA 340 type bulbs. The same set of sealants was also subjected in the compressed state to exposure condition (d) 104 day storage at 70 C in a forced draft oven. After completion of exposures (b) and (c), the uncompressed specimens were stored at ambient laboratory conditions for another 18 months (exposure condition (e) and (f)). A second set of sealants were subjected only to exposure conditions (b) and (d). The sealants were evaluated on the following substrates: concrete, granite, limestone, and marble. The width of the stain (degree of staining) was measured on the substrate surface and across the cross-section of the substrate. Results were compared to previously documented outdoor weathering tests for a correlation. It is suggested that ASTM C 1248 with a 28 day exposure in heat and QUV gives the best correlation.


    Sealants, Staining, Fluid Migration, Porous Substrates, Test Method

    Author Information:

    Snyder, R
    Laboratory Technician, Dow Corning Corporation, Auburn, Michigan

    Badour, R
    Laboratory Technician, Dow Corning Corporation, Auburn, Michigan

    Carbary, LD
    Senior Technical Leader, Dow Corning Korea Ltd., Seoul,

    Wolf, AT
    Global New Opportunity Development Manager, Sealants Business, Dow Corning S.A., Parc Industriel, Seneffe,

    Paper ID: STP15679S

    Committee/Subcommittee: C24.82

    DOI: 10.1520/STP15679S

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