STP1550: Photon Spectrum behind Biological Shielding of the LVR-15 Research Reactor

    Klupák, V.
    Research Centre Rež Ltd.,

    Viererbl, L.
    Research Centre Rež Ltd.,

    Lahodová, Z.
    Research Centre Rež Ltd.,

    Marek, M.
    Research Centre Rež Ltd.,

    Vinš, M.
    Research Centre Rež Ltd.,

    Pages: 7    Published: Aug 2012


    The LVR-15 reactor is a light water research reactor situated at the Research Centre Řež, near Prague. It operates as a multipurpose facility with a maximum thermal power of 10 MW. The reactor core usually contains from 28 to 32 fuel assemblies with a total mass of 235U of about 5 kg. Emitted radiation from the fuel caused by fission is shielded by moderating water, a steel reactor vessel, and heavy concrete. This paper deals with measurement and analysis of the gamma spectrum near the outer surface of the concrete wall, behind biological shielding, mainly in the 3- to 10-MeV energy range. A portable HPGe detector with a portable multichannel analyzer was used to measure gamma spectra. The origin of energy lines in gamma detector spectra was identified.


    gamma radiation, gamma spectroscopy, research reactor, shielding

    Paper ID: STP155020120040

    Committee/Subcommittee: E10.07

    DOI: 10.1520/STP155020120040

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