STP1534: Boiling Heat Transfer: An Overview of Longstanding and New Challenges

    Shekriladze, I. G.
    Georgian Technical Univ., Tbilisi,

    Pages: 56    Published: Feb 2012


    The review on boiling heat transfer addresses many critically important problems including the disregard of the pumping effect of growing bubbles (PEGB), the so-called “model of the theatre of director” (MTD), and the universal MTD-based correlation. In this review, with respect to PEGB, MTD, and the MTD-based correlation, emphasis is placed on the critical consideration of the traditional model of the theatre of actors (MTA). The universality of the MTD-based correlation once again is demonstrated, including forced-boiling heat transfer in microsystems. The MTD, in combination with so-called multi-factoring concept, represents a unified framework for the investigation of the diversity of boiling heat transfer curves, including boiling hysteresis and the specific boiling regimes characteristic for microsystems.


    heat transfer, boiling, cooling mechanism, nucleation site, effective radius

    Paper ID: STP153420120013

    Committee/Subcommittee: D02.01

    DOI: 10.1520/STP153420120013

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