STP1371: A European Round Robin in Thermo-mechanical Fatigue Behavior of a 9% Cr Low Activation Ferrite-Martensite Steel

    Filacchioni, G
    Senior Scientist, Ente per le Nuove Technologie l'Energia e l'Ambiente, Nuovi Materiali, S. Maria di Galeria,

    Petersen, C
    Senior Scientist, Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe Technik und Umwelt, Institut für Materialforschung II, Karlsruhe,

    Rézaï-Aria, F
    Senior Scientist, École Nationale Superieure des Techniques Industrielles et des Mines d'Albi-Carmaux, Campus Jarlard, Albi CT,

    Timm, J
    Research Scientist, Joint Research Centre, Institute for Advanced Materials, Petten,

    Pages: 18    Published: Jan 2000


    Test blankets of a thermo-nuclear fusion reactor are subjected during service to alternating thermal and mechanical stresses as a consequence of the pulsed reactor operation. Of particular concern is the thermo-mechanical fatigue (TMF) endurance of 9% Cr low activation ferrite-martensite steels. To design such blankets operating under the above loading conditions, for the time being fatigue life is predicted using design codes based on isothermal fatigue material data, but these codes will be verified with TMF data. Within the European Materials Long Term Programme for fusion research several laboratories are involved in performing TMF experiments using different facilities and samples. Results of a TMF-round robin of four European laboratories will be reported. Comparison of the various test data obtained will give a better understanding for these kinds of tests and enable an in-depth discussion of the scatter of the results, of its reason and what the implications are in terms of a TMF standard.


    thermo-mechanical fatigue, round robin, 9% Cr ferrite-martensite steel

    Paper ID: STP15264S

    Committee/Subcommittee: E08.05

    DOI: 10.1520/STP15264S

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